Sunday 10 May 2020

THE RISE OF JAPANESE CRUST (1989-2019) compilations on TSN

this is fckn brilliant.. I really love Terminal Sound Nuisance blog, I like the writing style of this guy, always has some super long but so much fun and interesting posts about filthy d-beat punk, crust and anarcho punk stuff, mostly about something older bands and records but he menages to cover last 40 years of dis never ending nightmare pretty well, I think..
there were already some great series of posts about Japanese crust, hardcore and d-beat bands on his blog and now he hits us with those 3 compilations about it.. to me personally Japan is the most interesting part of the world's crust and raw punk madness and real holly grail with already so much known legendary bands and facts but also kinda mysterious and still full of surprises and great for digging and discovering new stuff.. and the fact that Japanese bands and their style are biggest influence and inspiration, besides Swedish, of course for countless crust acts around the globe, speaks enough for itself..
usually, I'm not big fan of compilations, especially the ones in digital form, but I do like themed compilations focused on some city, state or style, and those are just great, dealing with last 30 years of Japanese crust (not d-beat punk this time, because it would be too long, what's the difference you'll maybe ask, oh well, there is, it's maybe a thin line, but...) divided in 3 parts, each for every decade of this beautiful madness and crust chaos hailing from the other side of world, represented all together with around 100 bands/tracks.. they are uploaded as youtube videos but you are also offered with mediafire links for downloading..
you know how kids have online schooling nowadays due all these virus situation!?.. well it's time for you to get educated about some Japanese crust on Terminal Sound Nuisance, those are basics and general culture knowledge but I really do recommend all the other stuff on this blog to find and learn so much crust, d-beat and anarcho punk related facts, bands, records and so on, and on...
go check those beasts, treat your ears with some serious damage and enjoy here:

Distorted Hope and Cruster Rags: the Rise of Japanese Crust (1989/2019)

this is my playlist for already few last days and it's still raging and hot!..

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