Monday 19 September 2022

24/24 - Munk​á​spr​é​s - demo is out now!!!

I was never familiar much with Hungarian diy punk scene, unfortunately, and to be honest that’s kind of strange because I live in neighbor country just few km from the border.. the only bands I actually knew and listened to from there are crust grind machine Human Erorr and fastcore act Dance or Die!!!.. lately I heard for Norms and Berosszulás which recently played in Zagreb but didn’t still closely listened any of them..

anyhow, few weeks ago Tomi from Disparodesire blog and label contacted me and met me with his new band 24/24 and with some raw recordings they made.. those 3 or so songs were good primitive and raw crusty punk and they sure get me interested.. some 2 weeks after they hit me up again with the video for new song "Csend, Rend, Fegyelem" and just few days later with new recordings for first proper demo.. and I can say they made huge progress than on those first raw recordings.. demo is great, 8 songs of fast raw hc punk sung on Hungarian with lyrics as Tomi informed me about actual politics, social stuff, about everyday struggle and of course anti government and president Orbán, against neonazism and racism, etc.. don't know why but music itself reminds me kind of on some latino american style of hc punk, with those backing vocals here and there, but check it for yourself.. fast, simple, angry and uncompromising raw punk in your face..
for now demo is available only in digital form on bandcamp where you can download it for free, but soon will be released on tapes.. favorite track: Nekem Te Ne!

as they are new band and they need promotion feel free to share this demo and a word about them.. they are also looking for gigs in Croatia and Serbia, so if you can help please contact them..


Anonymous said...

inace brutalan bend.. samo je pocetak
Munkásprés zestoka kopija Unutrasnjeg bunta (oni nam duguju zivot). stakor

..crucified freedom.. said...

aha, dobri su, tupa tupa bubnjevi pogotovo.. a meni prvo na pamet pala od bad justice šabane dok sam čul početak te stvari..