Sunday 25 April 2010

ON'T ROAD #11 fanzine

here is first number of this 'zine (regardless this #11 mark on the cover page) from Leeds, U.K.
you can read extensive and well written author's travel reports (Europe), tour reports with the band Hero Dishonest (USA, UK) ,some football stories and those about getting in trouble with the police, records reviews and some gig reviews..
so,this is traveling and punk, what more do you need?!!
anyway, a little different style of a 'zine as it's usual, with strong personal touch.. that's how I like it the most..
when I read it I had feel like I read some book, you know, when you start to read some good book and you can't stop reading.. remind me a little on some good old 'zines like what was done before some ten or more years ago..recommending to everyone who has enough of music 'zines..
download link is stolen from punk is hippies - the blog!
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