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okay.. THIS IS L.L.A. NOT L.A. ;) so.. here is interview with Last Legion Alive, new band from Belgium (they started to play somewhere about a year ago), but at their gig in Zagreb I convince myself that they play like they had years and years of experience playing together behind them.. you can expect here some real powerful blackened stench core crust influenced by Amebix, Discharge, Axegrinder and with their original touch in all that + female vocalist from hell!..
thanx goes to Jos who had answered this my questions..
so take few minutes, play this video, grab a bottle of RAKIJA in your hand and read this interview!!..

c.f.: hey! are you? Please introduce yourself to the readers..
Jos: Heya , we are Last Legion Alive from Belgium. We have Jamez on drums, Katrientje GPS on vocals , Bennekes and Arne Killbo on guitars and Jos on bass guitar. Jamez is also playing in the dark and epic crust band Link . Bennekes is also playing in a new band but I think they don't have a name so far . And Jos is also playing bass guitar in Silence Means Death...

c.f.: members of LLA are active also in some other bands.. is LLA your primal band or side project? Or maybe all of your bands are same important to you?
Jos: I don't know how the other people are thinking about their bands but for me LLA and Silence Means Death are equal...both bands are very important for me...I think it's the same with the other members .....

c.f.: what about your releases? Do you have any, where they can be bought, etc..?
Jos: Well we haven't released anything so far (except a little demo-cd we made to take with us on the tour) we are gonna record some songs for a split LP with Hellstorm from Greece and we also will be on a 6 way split tape with some very cool bands like Defy (Brasil) , Contagium (Canada) and more..

c.f.: how is situation in Belgium? You have so many great bands there.. tell us something in short about the scene and something about everyday life?
Jos: Yeah there are some cool bands in Belgium. About the scene , well there are some cool concerts and festivals. There are some cool venues and squats left but not that much to be honest...

c.f.: what do you do besides the band, you know, what do you do for the living, etc?
Jos: Most people of the band have a job these days, I don't have a job at this moment so I have plenty of time left :) Besides the band I am also active in Cara punx collective , we have a small distro and we organize concerts for diy bands . We don't organize concerts at this time but in a few months we should be back on track. Most members of the band are also active in Freedom In Fire (a collective that organizes concerts for diy bands on tour)

c.f.: in your opinion, is it important for a band that the members of it are good friends before forming a band?
Jos: Well I know most members for years now and they always have been really good friends so yes , for me it's quite important to be good friends.

c.f.: tell us something about your lyrics.. what is more important to you – music or lyrics? What do you think about pretty much the same themes that crust bands talking about in their songs, you know, nuclear war, apocalypse, etc? and from where you got inspiration for writing your lyrics?
Jos: Heheh good question , Katrientje writes pretty dark lyrics hehee we have some lyrics against the meat industrie , or about the stupidity of war , and about mankind fucking up our mother earth ,.... for me the lyrics and the music are important...

c.f.: your opinion about fanzines? Is there any sense to do a paper fanzine nowadays with all those wonders of technology that we have? Is the Internet good or bad for the scene?
Jos: Hehe from time to time I still buy some paper zines because I still think it's cool that people are putting energy in these things ! But then again fanzines on the internet have a bigger radius , you can reach more people so I think that is good as well.... the internet can be useful to arrange many things (organizing a tour for example)

c.f.: do you have live shows often? Is there many places in Belgium where bands can play their shows?
Jos: We played quite some concerts this year, we started out about a year ago and we played some very cool concerts and festivals in our 1st year as a Belgium there are some places where you can organize concerts but it used to be better in the the city I live there are only 2 venues and they kinda suck (that's why Cara punx took a brake actually)

c.f.: how was on your east euro tour? Is there been enough of shlivo,hehe..? how were you feel on a gig in Zagreb?
Jos: Fucking hell , we had a blast , really !! we met so many cool new people, we have been in fucking cool places ! It was really cool to be on tour !! There was some good slivo and rakija aswell !! :) Zagreb was really cool ! Cool venue, nice people and rakija , that's all we needed hehehe

c.f.: is it hard for a band to go on tour? Did you cover your travel costs, is that actually possible?
Jos: It wasn't that hard to go on tour , a lot of people helped us out with contacts and stuff like that...we didn't really covered the travel costs because we had to rent a van..if we had a van of our own we would have covered the yes it is possible to cover the costs I think.....

c.f.: tell us something about your future plans, gigs, releases etc..?
Jos: right now we are gonna try to record our noise for the split LP and the 6 way split tape. At this moment there are no more concerts confirmed for us but maybe that is a good thing so we can work on our recordings year we will go on tour as well , we would love to go to Brasil but we have to start organizing things so we will wait and see what happens...

c.f.: something for the end..if I didn't ask something and you want to say.. maybe you want to salute someone or whatever..?
Jos: well thank you for this inti and for the interest in our band! Thanx a lot as well to everybody who helped us out in the past and also everybody who helped us on our soaked in stench and slivo tour !!! the list is too long to post here!! Thanx and cheers !! LLA

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doesitmatter said...

You should start a fanzine.. you know a paper one!! This blog is great and you have enough articles and interviews for a paper zine. Maybe a small one, with a limited number of copies or something featuring the best content of the blog!! Think about it! :)

L.L.A. are pretty good. I've never heard of them before. Do you have the demo, would you consider posting it if you do?

Hellstorm are also really good (download their demo via crust-demos), I can't wait for the split!

Thanks for doing this interview.

..crucified freedom.. said... first, thank you on the comment and nice words..
yes, that was plan - to do a paper 'zine when some materials would be collected here.. but as I had write before (in one of previous posts here), I really don't have time for this at the moment..i hope sometimes in near future.. and if not I will ask someone who is doing a paper zine to use some materials from here for it, 'cause it would be a shame for all that here exists only in online form..
and about LLA, yes they are fuckn great band! I don't have the demo but one of my friend have, so I will do my best to send it to you via email or whatever..or if you want you can contact the band for it as well..

doesitmatter said...

I just found their demo on the Pukey Punk blog. If anyone else wants it, here it is: Last Legion Alive – Demo 2009

Anonymous said...

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Is this possible?

..crucified freedom.. said...

hey anonymous!
yes maybe it is, but give me your link..
sorry for late response..