Monday 26 April 2010

NO EXIT #2 fanzine

No Exit fanzine hails from Greece.. 1st number was called No Future, I don't know why that name change..
this 2nd number is published in February 2009.. on 48 pages, black/white cut'n'paste style, you can read some author's columns, NY scene report, and interviews with Insect Warfare, Los Rezios, Antimaster, Fall Of Efrafa and Rajahtaa..
one part is written on English, and other on Greek..
this number can be downloaded for free because it is out of print.. and the 3th number is aviable also, but only in printed/paper form.. to order and buy this 'zine contact here: and here is the download link for 2nd number:

also you can check blog page of No Exit HERE

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