Tuesday 27 April 2010

DISFORIA interview

"DISFORIA started the grinding crust-core punk devastation in the nuclear winter of 2000... Now, we are still here, grinding your hears and destroying your towns."

here it is!.. interview with Disforia, crust core band from L'Aquila, Italy.. line up is: Luca (vocal), Mauro (guitar), Tata (bass) and Edoardo (drums).. Mauro has answered my questions so thanks goes to him!..
interview is quite informative so everything else about them you will find out by reading it..
P.S. - Zlatko this is for you ;).. enjoy!..

c.f.: For the beginning tell us something about the band, line up etc… Everything you think is important for the first question, eheh..
Mauro: Disforia were born in the winter of 2000, the brainchild of Edoardo (drummer) and myself. Since then there have been several lineup changes that have affected especially the bass and vocals, although the band's music has remained constant and unchanged over time. We made a demo, three albums, two split-second video clips and participated in 18 compilations on various formats.

c.f.: When you was starting with the band, what was your intentions with and expectations of the band? And today 10 years later did you accomplish any of them?
Mauro: When we started we only wanted to vent with Disforia playing D-beat crust to Discharge, Doom and Extreme Noise Terror stuff. Our music is angry, direct and without any frills! We have high expectations and goals we set ourselves... In ten years time if we are still around, you'll see what we are capable of.

c.f.: What are your lyrics about? Which is more important to you, lyrics or music, or both of them? Do you pay much attention to the covers of your releases?
Mauro: Our lyrics are inspired from the crap that surrounds us and describe the bleak reality that we have daily before our eyes. That 's what drives us to making music, it is at once a form of ..of our disagreement) and an outlet. Like our music even the lyrics are very raw. Much attention is paid to the arrangements as much as to the graphics, which I do personally look after and which necessarily express the essence of the tracks in the albums.

c.f.: you have six (I think!?) releases and many songs on various compilations behind you… What is your opinion about compilation editions?
Mauro: The compilations provide a way to get known more and to contribute for some good cause. In fact, over the years, we participated in several benefit-compilations.

c.f.: Any label which you like to work most with on your releases or that's not big deal to you?
Mauro: Each release of Disforia, with some exceptions, passes through my label, Meat-grinder records, all the other labels are restricted to duce. This allows us not being subject to any and manage our music independently: these are Disforia, this is the new CD, if you like to participate in co-production, co-producing otherwise not! Simple, right? I find good parthners in Shaman Records (U.S.A.), Teriak records (Indonesia), Nktn records (Italy), Bcc records (Italy), etc.

c.f.: Is it important that the members of a band are good friends even before they start to be a part of a band? How is situation in Disforia with that?
Mauro: Yes, I believe that friendship is important, there must be a feeling among the members of the band, at least in music, otherwise it is impossible to compose. Except when there is a total incompatibility, however you learn to live with someone else's "peculiarity" (hehe)

c.f.: Your opinion about fanzines? Is there any sense to do a paper fanzine nowadays when we have all that wonders of technology? Do you consider that the whole underground scene has changed drastically because of accessibility of internet, for example?
Mauro: Personally I love paper fanzines! Maybe because I'm getting older (hahaha). Seriously I think that in 2010 print fanzines on paper it still makes sense as it play punk stuff! Recent years have seen several fanzines paper "relocate" on the internet and many have run over the paper version is also computerized. I think however the publication of fanzines on the Internet has the advantage of increasing the dissemination and facilitate access. Same goes for music and the cds.

c.f.: I ask this every band, so… What you think about downloading music from the net? Is it good or bad thing?
Mauro: Basically I agree, I downloaded many movies and a lot of music.
Although I realize that it's quite different to download a CD produced by a major store that costs in the store 20-30 euros from a self-produced cd that costs only 5 euros, doing so you are not supporting either the band nor the underground circuit which you are part of...

c.f.: What does the members of Disforia do in their free time, do you have any jobs, etc…? How is to live in Italy?
Mauro: Our situation is a bit changed after the tragic earthquake that hit our town (L'Aquila) on 06.04.2009.
I went back to be a stage backliner, Edoardo is currently living in a squat here in L'Aquila, Tatà (bass) and Luca (voice) are finishing college and working at the same time.
From what I see, Italy is pretty true to the guide lines of other European countries with the difference that we are significantly affected by economic crisis. Also our Prime Minister is allegedly connected with Mafia and there is a very strong interference of the Vatican ... to cut a long story short, it sucks!

c.f.: Do you know any people, bands or whatever from Croatia?
Mauro: Not many really, although I remember a few years ago we were invited to play in a festival of 3 days on your side, but could not come due to the problems of our former singer... We hope to come over there soon.

c.f.: Tell us something about your gigs... Do you like them, do you have many of them, any tour..? How are people in Italy acting on gigs? Are they cold, standing still, or they are always ready for great crust punk party?
Mauro: Due to various personal commitments and constant changes, with regards to gigs, we have always focused on the quality rather than quantity (see with Driller Killer, Warcollapse etc..) selecting and choosing where to play. The most beautiful places in which we played are definitely in Rome: the people are friendly, hospitable and moshing pits are insane!

c.f.: Any future plans with the band?
Mauro: By the summer, we'll release a split cd between Disforia and Bloodraised, my side project to Terrorizer in which I play bass. We are currently working on new tracks, willing to produce, as soon as possible, a full-length.
The only tip I can give you is that the tracks on the new album will be even faster and more brutal than ever!

c.f.: Something for the end? Maybe I didn't ask you something and you wanted to say?
Mauro: Nothing to add, thanks for your interest and for the interview. Thanks to you and those like you, support the punk scene. See you soon, Mauro & Disforia. (A) IN GRIND WE CRUST (E)

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