Tuesday 18 June 2024

KPAX! - Bolesno Društvo - new album is out!!! + euro tour July 2024

new album by Belgrade's punks Kpax! is out and available on bandcamp.. 10 brand new anthemic and contagious songs of ex-yu influenced post hc punk in this modern french oi! style as someone would say, I'm no expert in this fields so I don't know what I'm talking about, hehe, but you will see for yourself.. 
what is sticking out here for me are simple but great, bare and sincere lyrics, most of the time full of nihilism, which are on Serbian and easily understandable to us from this area because of clean vocal..
songs "Glas" and "Bolesno Društvo" are somehow the best and will be real hits on future gigs, I can already tell..
it seems, for now this is only available in digital form on bandcamp or youtube, also offered for "name your price" download and I don't have any info if there will be any physical records made.. if there will be, you'll be informed on time here..
they are also preparing an euro tour next month, in July, 10 days across east and central Europe, so be sure to check them out and support them while on the road, I was having chance and pleasure to watch them live few months ago and they were great, much better and far more energetic and fun than on recordings, that's for sure..



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