Friday 7 June 2024

NUCLEAR ALTAR - Wasteland Filth - rehearsal demo is out now!!!

well, this one is brilliant!.. as you already know, Nuclear Altar is one of the rare or maybe, to be honest, the only one band left that's still keeping the flame of this primitive crust sound by which Požega was wide familiar for, with a horde of such or similar bands just few decades ago.. they are something more active last year or so in slightly different line up, they made decent amount of new songs, played few gigs and so on but still didn't recorded anything new.. and now they came up with this great idea of recording few older songs on a rehearsal so they will have at least something recorded in this new line up until they do some proper recordings of new material.. so they recorded themselves on a rehearsal with......wait....... with a fckn mobile phone (!) and published this on bandcamp as a new demo.. and if you ask me, it ended up great, just as it should, proper old school crust with raw but mighty at the same time sound and atmosphere.. all together 6 songs, covers from Dislike and Fight Back included.. I like the order of tracks, how all starts with "Dismal Worship Begins" as slow and filthy intro then with every song it gets faster and wilder with perfect end, a real hymn "Corporate Wasteland" which is without exaggeration one hell of a song and I remember I was always fascinated with it, still since original Fight Back's version.. 
artwork is of course again by Kktz, he is spitting them out like on track lately..
in short, if you don't want your crust overproduced, if you are sick of all this new fancy and sterile recordings, you are searching something filthy and with soul - this one is for you.. 
hope they won't go in proper studio ever and destroy this old school spirit and magic they still have, hehe, just kidding, but you now how it says - in every joke there's half of the truth, so...
anyhow, go check it on bandcamp and destroy your speakers with some nuclear filth from extinct Slavonian wastelands..


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