Sunday 15 January 2023

some treats from Ruin Nation Records mailorder..


I told myself already a thousand times not to buy a new records through mail any more because of insane prices of postage cost, actually not just postage but new vinyl itself but sometimes it's just stronger then me.. I do understand that costs of producing vinyl in pressing plants are growing every day and that we are living in fcked up time when prices of everything are insane, for few years just surviving will become luxury and that's frightening.. 
interesting, there was this song from AK47 (anarcho crust band from Zagreb) named "Panks not dead" from early 00s with lyrics which goes something like this: "I believe in anarchy/told the Exploited/then they sold their LP for 100 kn" (100 kn was like around 13 euros) referring to high prices of the records on major labels of that time, and today you can't find new LP of a diy band on small label for a less than that and that's also tragedy.. 
this time I decided for Ruin Nation Records from Germany, which btw celebrate 30 years of activity this year, two releases which I waited impatiently for a long long time because already well known and infamous waiting time and delays from pressing plants (unfortunately vinyl becomes popular again, not just in diy underground circles), and those were new album by almighty Crutches and split by Luger and Stalinstad, I was checking few labels which might have them first on their distros and when I saw that Ruin Nation still has Mankind? - Discography LP (repress from 2022) for fair price, the choice was easy.. Wartorn and Los Dolares split is here as alternative, at 1st there was old La Casa Fantom/Sonderknust split ep on sight but as it seems it's sold out.. all in all, this is some hell of a beautiful noise!.. and the last one I buy with expensive international shipping, I promise (hahah, who am I kidding?..)


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