Friday 27 January 2023

MANKIND? - live @ Club 198, New York (USA) 1995 + text from Discography LP

Mankind?, similar to recently mentioned A//Political are one of my favorite American bands, they were great anarcho-punk group from New Heaven, Connecticut (US), and also one of those which maybe are underrated, at least out of US and don't/didn't get all the attention which they deserved (this is from my point of view, like from someone who live in Europe, but according to this nice review in the US they were very noticeable and influential).. was it because they were active only two years or because they didn't "reinvent the wheel" with their style and sound of anarcho-punk, I don't know but I do know that they are one of my favorites in this particular genre and perfect example of how 90s political hc punk band sounded or should sound like..
below is live footage of their gig in New York from 1995 and text published in booklet for their Discography LP released in 2021 on Ryvvolte Records and Fight For Your Mind and repressed one year later on the same labels.. enjoy!..

P.S. - my intention was to retype this text but I'm just too lazy so here's picture of it.. click on it for larger size and easier reading..

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