Sunday, 29 January 2023

LOŠ PRIMJER live @ Oksid, Šibenik 21.01.2023. - video

I have a secret...which isn't really a secret, because I already had some "confessions" about it here while making a small review on their latest album...and this is that...I love this band...but didn't always realize completely that I love them, all this time...
anyhow, since the first album "Pozdrav Dabru" from 2000, they were always hidden somewhere behind all those noisy crust bands from Požega (with all of them they shared members, btw) and behind the walls of noise of all other crust and anarcho-punk stuff I'm listening since when I was kid, but they were always somewhere there and I often was returning to their records (most of the time to the first one, because the last two are, kind of, still fresh [nah, they really aren't but last 10-12 years flew by like fast train to me, damn...] ) and with smile on my face remembered all the hits and those specific and good lyrics, also was watching them live more than few times and as I remember all was great gigs and good parties..
they are something more active lately, have new bassist and are playing gigs again.. here is video of the latest from a week ago in Šibenik and as it seems it was pretty good, although it is obvious they are getting old, heheheh, they still got it, and it was one hour gig, which is always nice, respect..
in short they are, both musically and lyrically perfect rest and therapy for my mind from all this other noise with which I'm destroying my braincells last circa 25 years.. 
okay, enjoy the video and go say thanx for it here:
small hint, from 12:30 - 15:45 is the best part ;)

and yes, there was a bandcamp page with their latest album "Slikovnica" (which was compound like true little masterpiece, btw) which mysteriously disappeared over the night, and that's just shame, so if anyone responsible is reading this please bring it back!..  
and same as that, it's a crime that their two last albums aren't released on some proper medium, tape or vinyl.. I know some was in plan but obviously it got stuck somewhere.. well, if you ask me, and you don't, a full length LP with both albums would be just perfect.. and would sell quickly, I'm sure..

-update 03.02.: I find the bandcamp page somehow after all, don't know why link wasn't working then, anyhow you can listen it here:

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