Friday, 9 December 2022

LANDVERRAAD live in Minsk, Belarus 29.05.2013. - video

I remember this band from back then when they were active, they definitely raised up some serious dust all around and grab almost everyone attention and I remember everyone knew for them in some moment and that they were accepted well, almost everyone likes them no matter they were hardcore kids, punks or crusties, me also, they sure grab my interest with recordings of furious live shows which started to pop out every a while all over the internet.. they visited Čakovec and Zagreb at one moment somewhere in 2014 or so, Zagreb in two occasions, I think..
with their hardcore powerviolence they are maybe not exactly my cup of tea (when I was younger I listened and enjoy such bands a lot more) but maaaaan, how huge energy they was having live, that's unbelievable.. and insane.. you can't deny that.. and here's the proof..
this was recorded somewhere in Minsk 2013, during one of their countless tour.. video is from this channel:

- interview with them done during 2013 balkan tour for Leave Me Alone zine and published on DIY Conspiracy:


sanne[at] said...

Thank you for posting this - those were really really great times for us!! punk=love - sanne, (bass in Landverraad)

..crucified freedom.. said...

oh, hi!..
no problem, pleasure is mine.. Landverraad was really interesting band and it looks this show was insane so I had to post it..
hope you are all well nowadays also..
and thank you very much for the comment..