Thursday 8 December 2022

CIVILIAN THROWER - "Trebuchet Showroom" new album is out + euro tour December 2022/January 2023

are you up for a little good old school grindcore for a change!? if the answer is yes, I have something for you, Civilian Thrower from Lyon, France published new album called "Trebuchet Showroom".. after last year demo and some split tapes now they are hitting us with how they say this mini album, but it looks like decent full length one to me, for now only on bandcamp and later will be out as a tape and CD on Lixiviat Records, Repulsive Medias and Zillion of Meat.. 
it consists of 13 songs in 13 minutes of raw and old school grindcore.. tape version will be out by the end of December and CD version will follow a bit later.. the material was recorded in their rehearsal space in Lyon..

and that's not all, after last year euro tour when they visited Zagreb, Pula and Rijeka among others, now they are ready to hit the road again, this time more south-western Europe, it means France, Spain and Portugal.. tour starts on 28th December and they still need help with few dates, check those on poster below and if you can help contact them at:


28/12 : Lengouyrou
29/12 : Toulouse
30/12 Donostia
31/12 Llodio
01/01 Unquera
02/01 Braga
04/01 Lisboa
05/01 Setubal
06/01 Cordoba
07/01 Malaga
08/01 Dalias
10/01 Madrid
12/01 Barcelona
13/01 Lyon


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