Tuesday 18 September 2018

Visions of Human Bones Smugglers

hehe, some pretty bizarre, but serious situation happened to Visions of War last summer when they were crossing Croatian/Slovenian border.. what is it about and how you'll be able to help check bellow..

"As much we appreciate your support to keep us moving , last summer we where held (legally) 12 hours crossing the border between Slovenia and croatia ( don´t worry no anal stuff) but one of us won a human skull in a Czech drinking competition , so they kept us after finding out we where having a skull ( which btw was a present for his girlfriends birthday , yup we´re romantic ppl) so to pay the 1600 euro fine ( what?? Yes!!) Oskar (Not Enough Records) and Stiv (Stivart) are gonna make some handscreenprinted posters , from 2 designs Stiv did , so numbered personalised with a painted background , hope yer interested or can help us out this way , So meet us on tour and get it there ....later on what is left we´ll sort out postage costs ....don´t let one of us rot , thx anyway for reading this , but we try to be free in a cage that this world is turning into , don´t let one of us rot away in jail .... plus you got a nice present for yer mum for 666mass , please share , Danke Schön , Dank u wel , Merci , Hvala , Obrigada/o, muchos gracias , vodka ..da ! I think you know what we mean."

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