Monday 3 September 2018

Finnish school in old school

yesterday was a good little gig in Novi Marof.. two interesting Finnish hc punk crust bands supported with local heroes UxBxTx.. as I was late on the concert and saw only something more than half of Häpeä show and the whole of Joukkohauta, this time I won't write gig report just want to say that both bands were great (Joukkohauta just a bit better by my taste with more noisy d-beat sound), loud and with very active performance.. you can still catch them somewhere 'cause their tour still lasts few days, today they are in Zadar and later they are heading toward Czech R., Poland and Estonia..

also, they have with them interesting Tampere Hardcore distro with maybe a little spicy prices but with bunch of Finish classics and a lot of other good stuff.. among others, I surprisingly found one already a little bit forgotten gem Nulla Osta/Campus Sterminii - split 7" released in 2007 by Disastro Sonoro so I had to buy it.. and Hapea/Joukkohauta - split tape released just for this tour was too beautiful not to take it..

okay that's it, if you want, check the photos from the gig by clicking here and see you on Wednesday on mighty Distress, same crime scene, same time...

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