Monday, 24 September 2018

UNCUT REALITY #1 fanzine

"I’m back with a brand new fanzine under the name Uncut Reality! Debut issue is out, written in English, 66 pages and features the likes of:

Active Stenosis, Autistic Society System Filth Records, Campaign for Musical Destruction, CSMD, Dahmer, Denak, Fecal Vomit, Fuck Yoga Records, Harsh Supplement, Jagernaut, Atrofia Cerebral / Audicion Irritable, Modorra, Morte Lenta, Nihilist Commando, Noise Not War, Noma, Paralyzed Society, Poço Discos, SxOxTxE, Tumor, Vernacvlaar Destrvction, Why Who What; reports from Grindmare 8 & Optimalinija Kaos Panonia and 40+ reviews (grindcore, noisecore, harsh noise, crust / d-beat / hardcore...)

3 € + postage. Thanks for supporting the ‘zine! "


new 'zine from Novi Sad, Serbia with as it seems interesting content.. if you want find out more about it and you understand Serbian go read an interview with author on Helly Cherry webzine..

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