Sunday, 7 March 2010

SUBSIDE - Demo (2009)

..this wasn't supposed to be another mp3 blog (what doesn't means that I have something against mp3 blogs, just think that there are too many of them with the same stuff) but guys from this band send me the link with their demo and ask me to post that here so here it is..

Subside is band from Osijek (Croatia)..they started with playing in April 2009, so they are quite young band.. this is their first demo recorded in the end of 2009.. music is raw trashy hc punk, it means fast from the beginning 'till the end.. there are, all together six songs including intro.. I like the thing that their music isn't only pure melody, so they sound quite interesting..
I don't know if some physical form of this release exist (any CD or anything) but here is the link where you can download their demo..


here are few more lines about them from their my space page:
Band started rehearsal at the end of April 2009. First lining was Krista on drums, Andrej – guitar, Oroz - vocals and Danijel who played the bass for a month. After certain disagreements, Andrej left the band which leaves us two. Not long after that, line-up changed, Bobo took over drums, and after few rehearsals we put Tivo on bass. We play raw hc/punk in vain of American and Scandinavian hardcore punk bands.

the members of Subside are also active in editing Pankerijada blog and organizing some gigs in Osijek so check them up..




o hvala hvala !živio

Anonymous said...

great band, they remind me a little early Mob 47