Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Ispod Pločnika (Under the Pavement o.e.) is an anarchist "magazine" about libertarian movement, written on Croatian.. in this number you can read about issues of political prisoners and a prison as an problem.. including extensive interview with Bulgarian anarchist A.S Nakov, articles about relation between anarchists with academism and university, some more articles and many links related with anarchist movement..
it's free of payment, but if you want you can support it with some donation.. it can be found in some libraries, bookstores and at various events like gigs, etc..
the main goal of this "magazine" is to be a media of libertarian movement and to continue with work which started others in the past by publishing newsletters and fanzines like Comunitas, Zaginflatch, etc..
you can find online version of it where you can read all old and new numbers, as well, but also some related news and articles HERE
if you want to contribute anyhow (send some news or articles,etc.) or you want order physical copy of it write at

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