Tuesday 23 March 2010


what a shity day for a gig..Monday..the worst day in whole fckn week..still tired from  a weekend, fucked up with 1st working day in strenuous week, but finally a little joy at end of the day..this great concert!..
it was another sober night for me 'cause i was driving again..but,anyhow in the end it worthed..
beginning of a gig was deleyed a little bit much as usual 'cause crew from I Hope You Suffer was stuck somewhere, hehe.. but soon as they showed up the gig begins..
first on stage this night was Stigma, band from Zagreb playing crust punk in their own dark and raw style with little of E.N.T. and Discharge touch in their noise.. fast and uncompromising.. i think, somehow, that not too many people were interested in them..maybe 'cause they are from Zagreb so everyone there probably saw them live already..
after them drunk crew from Varaždin - I Hope You Suffer.. although quite drunk they kicked asses.. old school hardcore with some melodic parts..they were better to me some years ago when they was called Destrukcija Stvarnosti and played more crusty hardcore.. but this what they play now isn't bad at all.. the strongest link in this band is definitely their drummer.. this night i saw them for the first time with new vocalist who has joined the band few months ago.. in short, much jumping all around and screaming from the stage..
and for the end, headliners of the night Last Legion Alive from Belgium which were on euro tour.. I had listened them before but was fckn' surprised when I heard them live.. dark crust metal with excellent female vocalist.. girl really kick asses.. I don't know from where she pull out strength to sing like that (maybe it's because of rakija, shlivovitza which is good to all band members, as I could see,hehe..) anyhow, great band with some slow powerful parts crossing into fast crusty trashing.. they remind me a little at Insuiciety, probably because of female vocals, but they are much better to me,much faster.. I would strongly recommend everyone who have chance, go see them live, you won't regret.. they really rocks!..
after the gig, as it's usually for gigs in Medika, some funny and drunk "after party".. playin' football (or it was just kicking the ball around,heheh..) in a hallway size about 4X4 meters and things like that..
anyway it was great gig.. after I come home and  had slept for just a few hours, in the morning  I go back on the work tired as hell.. but who cares!..


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