Friday 11 December 2009


actually, I don't know anything about the current situation in croatian fanzine scene, so I force myself to investigate a little to find some new fanzines here.. so here is first one, I hope not last one, too..
it is made in good old d.i.y. cut 'n' paste style with nice black layout and unusual front page.. 32 pages,A4 format, written in croatian except interviews which are on english.. I like the thing that there are some personal articles, not only interviews with bands.. besides those author's personal lines there're interviews with The Assassinators and  Utrida Tapes, info about band Smack Attack and some gig reviews..
this 1st number was published in April this year, and 2nd will be out somewhere after new year..
author of this zine is is also singer in band Pedestal so check the band too..
order the zine at
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