Wednesday 30 December 2009


demant was band from Križevci (Croatia) playing their own version of crust punk.. they were active from 1996.. members of the band were: Sajo (guitar), Đoni (vox), Mićo (drums), Tonč and later Dodo (bass)..
with their fast crusty punk music they sound quite original at their time.. they were actually one of first crust punk band from this area which I ever heard for..

in 1997 they record first demo which wasn't never officially released, they just copy it to their friends and the thing was spreading further among people and it was accepted very well.. one year later, in 1998 they release 1st album on split tape with band S.P.K... after this release they toured almost whole Croatia and Slovenia, and played in almost all clubs and on all festivals here.. besides this two releases they also have one live split with Bad Justice from Požega on tape.. in 2000 they record and release their 2nd and last album "Najbolji".. also they have song on various compilations like "kž shit", "benefit for attack infoshop", "benefit for obrana istine" and so on..
the members were active in some other bands like Raport, Ramones(ramones tribute), AK-47,... they was always into d.i.y. way of thinking and against any music industry, so they worked on their releases alone or with help of their friends and small d.i.y. labels.. lyrics was about some social themes, religion, war profiteering etc..
in 2004 band was broke up because 3 members were into some hare krishna thing, and with that other bands in which they was active broke up too..

-demo - 1997
-first album on split with S.P.K. - 1998
-live split with Bad Justice - ???
-2nd album "Najbolji" - 2000

you can download their split with S.P.K. HERE

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