Tuesday 29 December 2009

just few words about...

after plenty of thinking about this blog, fanzine thing I decided that there will not be a paper fanzine.. at least for now.. I know, you now think: another lazy bastard.. okay, maybe I'm a little bit lazy but it's not just that.. problem is in hundred of things, like lack of my free time for it, all stuffs with printing which is not so cheap, and so on.. this is not excuse, just letting you know..
but, anyway, the blog continues!!.. in near future you can expect here more interviews (I wait some bands to answer the questions already for a month or two..), some stories about bands which doesn't exist no more, but it will be shame to forget on them (that will be the most bands from Croatia, but maybe some from abroad, as well..), and all other stuffs for which I think it will be good to post them here.. if anybody want to get involved in just write and we will figure out something..
okay, that's it for now, cheers 'n' happy holidays to everyone!!..

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