Wednesday 6 August 2014

drunk cooking/camping nature punks (18+)

did you ever take yourself, two friends even crazier then you are, a dog, sleeping bags and kettle for cooking and went to the nearest river to make some delicious beans and spend the night there.. well I did..
now you think, look this guy never wasn't on camping in nature before, okay I was camping a lot before but never on such crazy place (if you seen it you would say that we aren't all clear in the head)
in first, there was a plan to spend a night and cook something in the wood but as summer here isn't really a summer in last month and half, weather is all fckd up and there is wet ground in the woods so we choose a nearby river..
so that's why we spend last weekend on small sand beach by the local river surrounded with dry trees, high grass, wild underbrush and nettles so we even hardly break to it and get our legs full of burns and scratches.. once we found this small beach we settled our things, had a few beers, place our drinks in the river to stay cold, surprisingly noticed that there aren't mosquitoes at all, etc. we started to collecting the woods to make fire and again after few beers and vine we went cooking.. B was chopping vegetables and preparing all the ingredients, H was setting the kettle, I was making fire and playing a waiter and S, the dog was investigated and searching the area for eventual dangerous and beasts but mostly from lying position..
the bean stew turns out great, it was delicious and after we eat like 3 plates each we couldn't move so we fell down and only have enough strength to pass the canister with vine among us.. the rest of afternoon/evening we spent talking, listening to music, drinking and eating few more times.. when the dark fell it gets more and more interesting, we started to talk about beasts that possibly lives around us and just wait when we'll fall asleep like radioactive sheat-fish with giant mustaches, king-size cobras, scorpions and don't forget almighty pušikara (it's local mythological creature which lives still today and is retained mostly in the park but also sometimes in the wood or around the river, attacking by the night, it first drinks all of your alcohol and then, as it's name on Croatian says it suck your d*ck, you may think this is a good thing but noone will ever survive this sucking and I won't even mention what will happen before you die to your...well, okay, you realized 'till now..).. also some strange green plant was growing all around and sometimes we had this feel like it's growing right now, you know it was all over our firewood and even around my bike.. that reminds me of Scott Smith's book "The Ruins" which I read recently in which similar plant killed all characters.. when I told about that to my companions they shit themselves and wrapped up in sleeping bags and went sleeping.. they didn't realized what mistake they just made because most of the characters from the books was killed or infected while sleeping.. I made my decision that I won't fell asleep there already before so I spend the rest of the night by the fire listening to some music and drinking..
luckily for us none of all those beasts didn't attacked us during the night, despite some serious noises and movements from the bushes, so we awaited morning alive and all well.. we drink few more gemišt (white vine + mineral water, for all of you who don't know what this is), eat some more beans, clean the place up and slowly moving toward home..
after all it was one more nice little adventure, nothing can't beat good diner, drinks and staying in nature under the clear skies full of stars, of course in good company.. we all agreed that we have to do it again sometimes..

pictures are again taken with my shity Rakia phone camera, click on the pic for bigger size, maybe there will be more of them soon..

S awaits giant radioactive sheat-fish
parking lot for a bike in the sand

cookin' and smokin'
S with her jegeršmajser sunglasses and beers

early morning

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