Tuesday, 19 August 2014

5th ANTIFA FEST + 8th BALKAN ANARCHIST BOOKFAIR: Over the Walls of Nationalism 5.-6.09.2014., Mostar (B&H)

where?.............OKC Abrašević, Mostar
who?................Friday: RENOVATIO hip-hop, Albania
                                   CRUSTALNO JASNO crust, B&H
                                   POPIK punk rock, B&H
                                   PUNKART punk, B&H
                                   ZADNJI POPIS punk, B&H
                                    +exhibitions, public forum, lecture and discussions..
                    Saturday: TRPITAMIN pop rock,B&H
                                   HELLBACK hc punk crust, Cro
                                   VIŠE OD MILIMETRA post punk, Sr
                                   NO RULES garage r'n'r, B&H
entry?................6 KM for one day, 10 KM for two day ticket

"Mostar in many ways represent misery that is imposed on big part of Balkan through divisions created by nationalism, war and fight for power between political elites which were and still are working on destruction of all social networks in town that go beyond these artificial "differences". All this fits perfect to capitalist logic of "divide and rule", since it's used as tool for prevention of all social revolts and attempts to build up social connections that were violently broken.

Even today, almost 20 years after the war, Mostar doesn't live like one town. Still, town did see new ways of resistance to imposed normality of nationalism and capitalism.

At this years BAB we will discuss about anti-nationalist and anti-capitalist struggles, anarchist anti-war initiatives and solidarity actions, exchange ideas and strategies, and above all, show that our solidarity goes beyond all borders and divisions created by authority and state."

more about program of both events and all the other info check by clicking HERE or find them on facebook..

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