Friday, 27 June 2014


I picked up this 'zine on Hoću? Neću! gig in Zagreb few months ago when author ask me to took it for a friend, but I was bad, take the chance and read it before I passed it further..
yes, as you can see this is 16th issue which make it the longest lasting 'zine here in Croatia at the moment.. this time half is written on English and the other half on Croatian, all together 64 pages on A4 format with small fonts, it means a bunch of material.. on English side there are interviews with You Suck!, Tear it Up, Coke Bust, Landverraad and with Joe D. Foster (guy from Ignite, Unity...) and there are few columns (mostly personal stuff, like author is introducing himself to international readers)..
and on Croatian side an extensive The Truth euro tour report, huge interview with Bosonogo Djetinjstvo, some gig reports, reviews and again few columns by author of this 'zine.. it's funny how he is mentioning band Tear it Up in almost every article he wrote, that obsession with them is kinda nice at the beginning but it can get annoying with time, hehe, but how he is saying - this is his own 'zine and he can write what he want..
about it's look, it's made in standard cut'n'paste way and I must admit it looks very good.. and yes same as it seems on the first sight when you took it in hands it actually is really big and consists of tons of material so you could easily read it for a week, at least....
price is 15 kn and you can get it on almost every gig in Zagreb or write at:


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