Saturday 13 April 2013

let's bring some noise... pt. 2

okay, let's continue from where we stopped last time with band's requests.. if you don't know what this is about or you missed part 1, check it HERE..

IMPORTANT: all materials and download links represented here are provided by the bands and they don't impersonate to any copyright infringements..

PICK YOUR SIDE - Let Me Show You How Democracy Works [2012] (LP)
Pick Your Side is hc band based in Hamilton, Ontario (Canada) and this is their LP released on A389 records in 2012.. all together 16 songs of aggressive and nervous thrashy hardcore with elements of powerviolence, crust and even grind in some parts.. the most of songs are fast as hell but some of them have slower, even I could say dark emotional parts.. lyrics ranges from those politically engaged to some personal but all are full of bitterness and frustration to this fucked up society we live in..
yes, I didn't mentioned, band members played or still plays in bands Haymaker, Left for Dead and Fuck the Facts. so maybe this can help you to make some picture what this is about here.

PICK YOUR SIDE - Snake And Ladders [2012] (7")
it seems that this band is really active 'cause only 5 or 6 months after their LP here they are with brand new 7" released by RSR records.. all I said about their music and lyrics above, applies here as well but here except fast as hell songs we have also few really heavy and slow ones or at least their parts are.. and just when you think those guys can't surprise you with anything more, there's cover of Neil Young's song Don't Cry.. all together 7 tracks on this 7" which is, actually fastest and more furious than LP but with those 2 sludge, doom, metal or whatever influenced tracks.. they offer this for free streaming at their bandcamp page..

REVENGEANCE - John Q Citizen - demo [2012] (tape)
Revengeance hails from Portugal and they deliver to us some good raging hardcore with dual m/f vocals.. male are more crusty/grind while female is shouted.. demo consists of 11 songs and it was released in tape format by Degradagem records.. I had read somewhere that this could be recommended to fans of Larm and Man Is The Bastards and I can agree with this, indeed..
on bandcamp page you can listen their split with grindcore band Tinnitus and the newest 7" called Complacend Complacency..

DISOBEY - Human Suffering In Five Movements [2012] (tape)
Disobey is a band from New Jersey, USA playing hc crust in veins of Tragedy, His Hero Is Gone and similar bands, but also with some breakdowns and slower, sludgy parts here and there.. in this 6 songs they delivers a lot of dark atmosphere, misery, depression and similar emotions in their sound, as well in lyrics.. if you are fan of above mentioned bands and this "modern" crust style I think you will like them.. the band offers this on bandcamp page for free download, and there you can also listen Summer Tour demo released also in 2012..

LAY IT ON THE LINE - A Leasson In Personal Finance [2012] (tape)
hmmmmm... this really isn't my cup of tea, I don't know what to say about this one.. music is modern melodic hardcore (I don't know if this even can be called hardcore, no offense to the band), you know how that it is modern to play this days.. it has some metal influences in traces and some back vocals and that's pretty much it.. band comes from South London (UK) and this is their debut EP released on tape in November 2012.. I don't know, they didn't really impressed me but you can check for yourself at their bandcamp page where you can listen the rest of their releases, as well as this one..

GENERIC LIFE - From The Ashes - demo [2012]
"My band just release a demo yesterday, we wondering if you'd like to put it up on your blogspot?
Our names' Generic Life. We're from El Paso, TX . We're not sure about what genre we fall under, but does it really matter? If Flux of Pink Indians and Crass had a baby, I think we're what it would sound like. We've been in the whole punk scene since about 5th grade, and been playing shows since then under the name Toxic System. After a few line up changes and going through our own personal problems, we're finally now Generic Life. We're all 17 by the way"
I've get this e-mail from Marky, the band member, ages ago as all other materials here but 'cause of my laziness and who know what I didn't write any reviews but I remember that i like his band, immediately.. I was positively surprised by their music which is actually the most primitive and raw form of anarcho punk you can imagine.. demo consists of 6 songs, some are slow, some fast, there isn't any rule, actually.. if I got it well this is recorded on their 1st rehearsal (!?), that's the spirit!.. this reminds me on times when it wasn't necessary know how to play and have expensive equipment to start your own band.. hope that those guys will keep up with work ant that they will hit us with some more recordings in the future..

INCRUST - A Hate Named Revolt [2012]
"INCRÜST is a Crust/HxC band from Geneva/CH with members of MUMAKIL, SEDATIVE and BURNING FLESH. Founded in 2010 by Fred (SEDATIVE) and Pipo, the band plays a mix of crust, Hxc, grind and metal inluenced by bands like DISFEAR, WOLFBRIGADE, TRAGEDY, DISRUPT..."
this little ace is spread all over the blogs already but it's good, so here's now, as well.. as you can see from this little introduction the members of this band come from some death metal/grindcore bands which aren't interesting to me at all, to be honest, but good thing is that in this band they stick more to crust and d-beat waters with grindcore influences only in traces.. raging, brutal as hell vocals, the same brutal guitars and great fast drums creating a nice sum of noise but all that in great sound quality.. all together 6 songs and to not forget member's grindcore roots they do Nasum cover.. I don't know if this is released in any physical form but you can download it or stream it on bandcamp page.. I sincerely do hope to hear some new stuff from those guys soon and also that the next records will stay into d.i.y. circles..

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