Tuesday 18 December 2012

let's bring some noise... pt. 1

okay, it's time for a new section here on ..crucified freedom.. some bands send me links for their stuff, recently to write some reviews and put download links here on blog.. as I didn't have time and energy for that in last couple of months it takes whole eternity to comply with all the requests and e-mails and now there's a lots of that.. so from now on, every once in a while I will make posts such as this one with few words (not really proper reviews) about some releases wandered in my inbox..
apologies goes to bands who waited so long and message to all other bands which will send stuff - only bands playing hc/punk/crust and if their work is based on d.i.y. principles will be taken into consideration, that means no to all "alternative/modern metal/blah blah" etc. bands..

IMPORTANT: all materials and download links represented here are provided by the bands and they don't impersonate to any copyright infringements..

DEAD//BEAT - Tremors [2012] (tape)

“We are Dead//Beat, hardcore punk from Brooklyn. We’ve recently finished recording and producing our latest EP “Tremors”Well we started playing together a little less than a year ago with a hiatus when we were between drummers. When we first met Frank (our bassist) had no clue really how to play bass and kyle our drummer had never played punk rock before. we recorded a shitty demo a few months back and since then weve played dozens of shows and recorded Tremors. Most of the songs are politically or socially driven and our sound definitely stems from 80s hardcore roots.”
okay, here we have 9 songs + intro in about 9 minutes so you can already get some picture what is this about.. almost all songs are under 1 minute long.. music is mid tempo 80’s styled hardcore punk with aggressive and nervous vocal influenced from bands like, let’s see, Black Flag maybe.. don’t listen that kind of music often, so I can’t tell anything else but it’s clear that this is pretty decent 1st album by this young band.. on their bandcamp page you can also listen and download their demo recordings released in August of 2011..


TROPICAL YOUTH / DISPOR - split [2011]
split of two Brazilian bands and two different styles, but considering on lyrics with pretty much the same ideas and messages.. Tropical Youth plays fast thrashing hardcore and they are represented here with 5 songs.. on the other side, with 4 songs, Dispor are hardcore anarcho punk band in good old latin-american style, pretty raw sound, two vocal (male and female).. really nice record with two great bands which I haven't heard before.. in the file are included all the artwork, lyrics and their translations on english.. thanks to a member of Dispro who send me this link..

FRAGA - st [2011] (tape)
Fraga is anarchist hardcore punk band from Madrid, Spain formed in 2009.. this material is recorded in spring of 2011 and it's released as d.i.y. tape.. even 17 tracks of fast hardcore punk sung on Spanish with male/female vocals, I would say standard sound for such kind of bands just in this case little bit faster then it's usual..  in folder are included all the lyrics, translations and explanations, both Spanish and English..
for all other info visit their page at: http://punkradiactivo.blogspot.com/

ZATIRO - Tod@s A La Calle [2012]
Zatiro is clasic hardcore punk band from Santiago, Chile.. they sing on their native language but from the title of the album which means "everybody to the streets" (at least I think, 'cause I don't speak Spanish but my instinct tells me that..) you can realize that they have anti-system messages.. 11 tracks in recognizable latino-american style with few guitar solos here and there even in some songs there can be spotted some d-beat crust influences in traces..

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