Saturday, 23 January 2010


S.P.K. was another band from Croatia (Split) active in late '90.. they existed from September of 1996.. their music was anarcho punk with influences from various genres like hc, ska, crust etc.. they had two vocals..

line up was: Skenda-vocals, Tudor-guitar and vocals, Čop-bass guitar and Veljko-drums.. some band members was editing fanzines "Sharp attack" and "Remain" and played in some other bands too, like Dark Aura, Kilo Kruva, Bell Peace Noise, Dogprint, etc..

the name S.P.K. has many meanings but originally was Svi Panduri Kopilad (A.C.A.B. on Croatian).. their lyrics was mostly on Croatian, but also some were on English too, and they was about problems that surrounds them at that time, war profiters, against racism, about scene, etc..
in 1998 their 1st demo was released on split tape with Demant (about them I wrote something before).. they have planed to release some live recordings after that but I don't know if they are.. I also don't know exactly when they stopped with playing..if anybody knows leave a comment..
anyhow they were one more great band from here active in '90 when the scene was at its top.. at least when it is about my music taste..

you can read an interesting interview with them HERE

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