Wednesday 18 May 2011

RADIKALNA PROMJENA / BAD JUSTICE / DEMANT - 3 way split tape (1997?!)

another piece of treasure from 90's Croatian hardcore punk scene.. this time released by the Truemmer-Pogo-Tapes from Germany which is active still today, btw..
bands included in this "trio tape!" are Demant from Križevci, Bad Justice from Požega and Radikalna Promjena from Zagreb..
while Bad Justice and Demant are represented here with their live recordings, from R. Promjena we have five of their probably the best songs (at least to me!..), don't know where they are recorded and if they are published anywhere else besides this tape.. all begins with song Industrijski Raj, definitely my favorite from them and ends with Radikalna Promjena, I think theirs most legendary song.. for those who don't know their music was anarcho punk mixed with many other genres from reggae to crust combined with male and female vocals.. very politically engaged lyrics and great music.. sound is harsh and raw, of course, not any fancy production here, just like it was usually for bands from here in that time..
from Bad Justice side we have 11 songs recorded live at who know where, hehe.. lots of funny drunk talk between the songs.. like you listen drunk Oi Polloi, hehehe, just kiddin'..
about the sound, uff... try to guess!.. I don't know if anything can be filthier and rawest than this.. brutal hardcore punk with two female and one male vocals.. all their legendary songs are here, usual Bad Justice material, if this was recorded in some studio and not live that would be decent discography of the band..
for the end anarcho punk crusties Demant.. also with live recordings (first time I heard for this material and some songs from it).. sound quality is similar as Bad Justice's, maybe just a little better, but who cares! if you are upset about sound quality you don't even need to read this.. from them here are 14 tracks + P. Bastard cover of Doom..
all material lasts something more than 60 min, in folder are included scans of the cover with tracklists, and lyrics.. what do you need more!? start downloading and give your ears some serious damage!..

download link is from Rat Shit Sandwich blog and it's here with permission.. so if you like this piece of noise go say thanks to Mr. Rat Shit ;)


rat-shit said...

Great Post..:-)
..and fantastic description too..!

Anonymous said...

evo moj snimak na kanalu pa poslusaj...bit ce i Bad Justice strana ;)