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Bad Justice, another one band from Požega, Croatia which was active in 90' and early 00'.. they called their music the Core, hard core with punk, trash and grind influences..

the story goes something like this:
Bad Justice was formed back in early 1993 when Apatridi (also legendary band from Požega) had lost their rehearsal place.. so they gather together some equipment and start with practicing..
first line up was Peći (vocal), Marko (guitar), Oli (guitar), Gera (bass) and Zuba (drums).. in that time they played hard core punk and the lyrics were totally irrelevant to them and their ideas were unclear and incomplete.. their first concert had took place on an underground party in Požega on the april the 7th in 1993.. after few more gigs in Požega first line up changes started to happen, as well as their musical expression.. after a couple of them lyrics become more politically engaged, about destroying of the nature, against serving obligatory army service, police, etc.. all that in accordance with situation in society and their everyday lives at that moment.. don't forget that this was time of war and they wasn't accepted very well, by the most of local population which was very nationalist, with such lyrics and attitude..
in beginning of the year 1995 they recorded their first album "Greed" on tape with the following line up: Kero (vocal), Ivan (guitar), Jasko (bass) and Oli (drums)..
next few years the line up still continue to change, and some girls are coming in band like vocals (I don't know their names, sorry.. think Lidija and Sanja, but not sure..)
after numerous gigs that they played all over Croatia in the 1996 (only 1 year as war finished) they hit the road to Slovenia, together with Totalni Promašaj from Serbia.. this tour was named "Preko zidova nacionalizama i rata" (over the borders of nationalism and war, on English) and that was only the part of the same named action which was done after the war by underground bands, zines, record labels and some "associations" from ex-yu region.. also the first common tour with bands from those two countries after the war..
a year after that tour the split 7" of those two bands was published..
I don't know when exactly they stopped with playing, but in 2002 few old members Gera, Oli and Zebec reinforced with File and Adrijana are forming Nepravda (which on English means bad justice) and that was pretty much the same band because they were playing all their old songs.. after few concerts and appearances on some compilations they also stops with playing and members continues with their other bands..

P.S. Gera had left some more info in comment box: girls in Bad Justice were Lidia, Sanja on vocals and Ivana on bass.. later Lidia left the band and Jolanda from Slovenia replaces her.. they also had two euro tours with Radikalna Promjena..
some releases for which I know:
Bad Justice - "Greed" (tape)
Bad Justice - "Snaga ideje je naše jedino oružje..." (tape)
Bad Justice/Demant (split tape)
Bad Justice - st (7")
Bad Justice/Totalni Promašaj (split 7")
Bad Justice/Radikalna Promjena (split)
Bad Justice/Demant/Radikalna Promjena (3-way split tape)

their album "Greed" you can download from blog Nečista Savjest HERE including the booklet with some info about the band, release and lyrics.. and Bad Justice/Totalni Promašaj split 7" from HERE..
about Bad Justice/Demant/Radikalna Promjena 3 way split tape read and download HERE.. 

interview with Bad Justice published in 1st number of fanzine Još Nikak from Vž. Toplice back in the old days (somewhere around 1996, I think..).. 'view is in croatian, for larger size click on the picture..


Cheeroky said...

Nema više C-boxa?
Evo, ja skenirao svoj fanzin iz 98 pa baci pogled :)
Pozdravljam te puno!


Anonymous said...

prvo su lidia (moja žena jel) i sanja došle na vokale, kasnije ivana iz zagreba na bas...tako da smo bili 3/5 žene, muški smo bili oli i ja...kasnije je i lida odustala a umjesto nje upala jolanda (ptuj, vitriol zine)...bile su i 2 euro turneje s radikalnom promenom..i tako...cheers šefe:)

..crucified freedom.. said...

e Gera, fala na komentaru i infu.. živio!

Anonymous said...

E da, nikako se ne smije izostaviti i tejp koji su izdali pod imenom "Snaga ideje je naše jedino oružje". Taj, ajmo reči album definitivno ulazi u antologiju Hr hardcore/punk undergrounda i stoji kao monument iste. ;-)
Btw, ako netko to ima u Mp3 formatu nek stavi nekamo za downloadanje!!!

Tomislav Topolovčan

..crucified freedom.. said...

e kaos!!! da slažem se s tobom.. imao sam tu kazetu doma, al naravno negdje sam ju zagubio..
ako nađem negdje za skinut šaljem ti link!..