Tuesday, 23 February 2010

SCHIZOFREHN #4 fanzine

here is new number of Schizofrehn 'zine.. again, like previous one, on 40 pages.. every number have one main theme, in this one that are females active in any way on punk scene.. very good idea, I think.. bands that was interviewed are Babyshakes, Glidslem, Korsbarsfettera and Deadly Seven..besides those 'views there are a lot of articles by or interviews with girls from all over the world and some reviews.. 'zine is free..just download and print it!



micke schizo said...

Hey, thanx a lot =)

..crucified freedom.. said...

no problem Micke.. you're welcome!..

doesitmatter said...

That's awesome, thanks for sharing. I need to write about this zine sometime..

..crucified freedom.. said...

hey "doesitmatter", no problem..
just to leting you know, I've checked your site before and it's great..keep with the good work!..