Friday, 26 February 2010

e-mail from Chad

For years I've been guilty of bashing the internet, the computer generation, I-pods/mp3's etc... Shortly after Velimir asked me if I'd like to write a little something for Crucified Freedom, I was looking at his site and it hit me that because of the internet, and sites like MySpace, I had been afforded the opportunity to be exposed to all sorts of music, labels, & distros (you know all the different aspects of our "scene" that it takes to make this thing happen). I would have never known about all of it had it not been for the very thing I had denounced as evil and destroying, our scene, society & world.
So it got me to thinking about how maybe sometimes I’m to quick to shut off anything out of my comfort zone, my realm of understanding or outside of what I decide to be right and wrong. Usually I do this without really giving thought to investigating it or giving whatever it is a chance. Pretty fuckin' closed minded, wouldn't ya say?
Let's face it years ago, (you know back in those good ol' days, that we won't shut the fuck up about!) if Crucified Freedom existed, it would have been a black and white Xerox style 'zine and the only way I probably would have heard about it is if I was fortunate enough to happen to stumble across it here in the states (what's the odds on that?). Or if I had paid enough attention to particular issues of Profane, Maximum or Heartattack, where this 'zine ended up in the ‘Zine Review’s, odd’s are it probably would have never made it outside of Croatia.
So here I am, writing about an awesome online ‘Zine, in the comfort of my own home. The chances of this happening in the good old days, that I get stuck romanticizing about all too often, are very slim!
I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the punks out there who had the courage and the insight to explore the possibilities of a new medium for our use and to expand, explore, develop and strengthen our global scene.
Man, today I’ve embarked on a new friendship. I don't know about anyone else but that's what a lot this is all about!
Thanks so much Velimir, tonight my mind and my eye's are a little more open! YOU ROCK!!!!!
Chad/Burnt Bridges

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