Friday 12 January 2024

GUTTERSKULL - Chthonian Moribund Sovereign - new demo is out now!!!

new demo by Gutterskull, a one man project from old indestructible diy warrior Kktz is out and available on bandcamp.. he continues with this, not so common but surely interesting, mix of raw d-beat music and black metal vocals which results in pretty specific, primitive old school black metal punk sound which you'll like the same, no matter if you are metalhead or dis punk worshiper.. this time only 5 songs with grim and dark lyrics on such we are already used to from him, even names of the songs speaks enough for themselves, also some of them brings back some old memories, at least to me because even it's maybe not so known fact but Gutterskull from its beginnings continues from where one older primitive hardcore band of Kktz called Propast ended (shortly lived from 2011-2013) and I'll give you out a little secret, 3 songs from this demo: Corpses, Pastilend Breath and Dead are actually old Propast's songs..
sound and production on this one is great, somehow more similar to the earlier GS releases, the d-beat punk side maybe comes out more to expression (which is always a plus to me, because I'm not known as some big fan of black metal) and here again the whole thing sounds more as actual band is playing unlike on latest demo "Coldness of the Bunker" which was good but I didn't like it as much as other releases..
anyhow it's a short but killer demo and I can't wait to hear this on cassette, hope there will be some.. until then go visit GS bandcamp page and destroy your speakers with some black punk filth..

btw, it looks as Kktz is active as hell lately with his solo projects (besides GS, also with Talog and Tenebrositas) putting out tapes, CDs and even LPs, also his full line up band Nuclear Altar is back from the dead with few gigs done in last couple of months and some are still in plan, also he is hitting us every a while with those already recognizable and characteristic for him dark, minimalist and simple but terrifying and effective artwork which I was always fan of and all that are some great news.. so for more info about his work and stuff check out Olden Sonorities blog..

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