Tuesday 5 September 2023

NULLA OSTA live @ Trainstation squat, Kranj 24.05.2013. - video


so much crazy memories related to this band, hahah.. for instance, their gigs in Novi Marof, what hell on earth those were.. and afterparties as well.. maaaan..
Nulla Osta was 2 distorted bass hc crust monster from Pula, Croatia with everything but usual sound, specific was that they didn't have guitar, just two thunderous basses with which they were creating wall of noise and the vocalist was, well, story for itself.. I think no video recordings out there can't evoke or demonstrate their sound and power, live this was some different and indescribably mightier experience.. one of those bands you just had to experience and see live.. also, they are probably one of the better known Croatian hc punk/crust band abroad thanks to few interesting split releases (the 7" with C. Sterminii for example) and numerous tours all over Europe, even the one in Brazil back in 2008.. 
here is live video from 2013 of their gig that took place at Trainstation squat in Kranj, Slovenia..

- video is from here: youtube.com/@TotalAmater

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