Thursday 6 July 2023

DRUM ZIN #3 fanzine

Drum Zine is fanzine by rijekadiyhcpunk collective crew from Rijeka and it seems each number was made on some anniversary of their squatted place called Podrum and is more focused on their domestic scene, bands and things related to it.. this 3rd number is released few months ago regarding Podrum’s already 15th birthday..
on all together 48 pages written on Croatian you can read few columns and short opinions about common topics as zines, scene, gigs, food not bombs, etc., interview with Bible Thrower, an extensive story about Gracijani (now former) squat in Rijeka which was interesting for me to read and it’s good display and example of situation when you are going into something serious as squatting some place, kind of relaxed and not aware what everything you will be facing with, this can be useful for someone who maybe plans similar actions, also there is even more extensive story about 2 tours which are extra interesting because of 2 things.. first geographically, the 22 days long one with Nature Boys in 2015 through Balkans but with an emphasis on Greece and all those legendary places there and infamous Exarcheia and the 2nd one with The Truth and Bosonogo Djetinjstvo, very similar, again The Balkans and Greece but this time all the way to Istanbul in Turkey.. and the 2nd thing why those are interesting is that they are written from the perspective of driver so they aren’t focused so much on gigs but more on the places they were playing, the road, driving, borders and all other nice and not so nice things and difficulties which often you don't see, at least in that form, in standard tour diaries.. (I remember similar reports from the author of this text for his zine Selftitled which were also always interesting..)
layout is made by computer, on already standard A5 format, everything looks clear and easy for reading, the only small complaint is there are headlines missing and you need to start reading first few sentences of an article just to find out what it’s about..
I don’t know much about its price (I assume it is on donations) and it’s availability but you can try contact L on the e-mail bellow who send it to me for the review or basically anyone from rijekadiyhcpunk collective..

also I got #2 in the package which is “little” older, released somewhere just after 10th anniversary of Podrum, it means some 5 years ago, but still interesting and fun to read.. style, format and content are almost the same except then whole thing was written with typewriter on which obviously letter r fell off in some moment and it’s added by hand in some texts and that is a bit irritating during the reading..
from content there are Last Baraž and Grampa band infos, some kind of retrospective on bunch of gigs happened in Podrum (one focused mostly on 2010 and the other on some more recent gigs that was held just before releasing this number) and few columns..

in short, both number are interesting to read and as they are focused mostly on Rijeka and Podrum they are good way to find out something about their history, past activities and in overall to get to know the crew gathered there better..

-contact: footpank[at]tutanota[dot]com

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