Wednesday 31 May 2023

SPICE MELANGE / STARVATION / KORIDOR / DISBAJA / NEON LIES live @ Klaonica squat, Zagreb 26.05.2023. - video


Starvation ❤ too bad this band didn't continue with work from their beginnings in very early 00's, they were having some serious potential, in my opinion.. the only material ever recorded by them, I believe, was published on legendary ...crust is dead!!! - 4-way split tape an that's just too bad.. in this todays line up only File is original member but still it brings some special nostalgia and memories..
Disbaja is also...well...different and interesting with this new/old line up and grind vocals..

- video is from: SubsiteTV
- some photos from this gig check here:

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