Monday 13 June 2022

HIATUS live from Mexico tour 2022 - video

well, this is........CRUST!
belgian crust legends were on a Mexico tour in May, on some gigs, among others with mighty Besthoven.. I bet it was super fun and interesting..
found those videos on youtube of gigs from San Luis Potosi and the one from Mexico City, thnx to anyone who recorded and posted this.. some great photos are stolen from Hiatus fejsbuk profile and was shoot by Disphötos..

also they were booked on few festivals in Europe this summer, Monteparadiso in Pula, as well, but sadly Willy is very ill and he can't sing so I don't know if any of those will happen, according to latest news from them they will appear on Ultra Chaos Piknik in Poland and Punk Illegal in Sweden, but without Willy..

and not to be forgotten they were in studio in the beginning of the year, hope some new material will pop up somewhere soon..

HIATUS - live @ Loud Open Stage, San Luis Potosi, 04.05.2022. 

HIATUS - live @ La Mezcalli, Mexico City, 06.05.2022.

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