Friday 24 August 2018

GUTTERSKULL - Portals Amidst The Carnage - out now on Olden Sonorities

new demo by Gutterskull, one-man raw d-beat black metal punk project from Požega, Croatia is out as a tape on Olden Sonorities, his own label.. this time limited to only 50 hand-numbered copies so hurry up if you wanna yours.. it will cost you 20kn/3euros..
musically it's very similar to debut Crawling in Disgust only this time something shorter.. it means music is excellent raw d-beat punk all wrapped up with sick black metal vocals..
go get it while it's hot!..

favourite track after only 2 listens: A Fullmoon Massacre ("A Means To An End" beginning, ha, anyone!?, hehe..)

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