Wednesday 27 September 2017

LA CASA FANTOM live @ Dojd/Major, Moscow (Russia) 08.10.2012. - video

well, for me La Casa Fantom is perfect example of how internet and ease of access to endless number of bands isn't always good thing.. I think, I heard many times about La Casa Fantom before, listen their recordings which I downloaded from the net couple of times, even I might be on one of their gigs in Zagreb, can't remember exactly, probably I was drunk, but in this sea of thousands of hc punk bands I've lost them somewhere in bunch of DVDs with mp3 files which are collecting dust in some drawer.. and I'm sure, if I bought some of their records and not only downloaded mp3 files they would draw my attention before because in that case I would give it a closer listen for sure..
luckily, few months ago I ran into, well probably the most awesome live video on youtube.. it's just incredibly how just one bass guitar and drums can provide such huge amount of energy, noise, force and emotions.. really great music, sometimes melodic and sometimes totally noisy, slow and then again fast, two down tuned vocals from hell, all together brings enormous wall of despair and depression which will hit you like a fast train.. that especially applies on their live shows but their records are also story for itself..
it's very hard to define what genre they belong to so I will not even try to put them in some borders, some says that they play neo crust, I wouldn't agree but check it for yourself.. in my opinion they are definitely band which could easily outgrow some diy hc punk frames but they still keeps everything in real diy spirit, releasing records on their own, going on tours, etc. which is great..
to compensate my lack of dedication to this band in the past I'm waiting the mailman with their LP "Feed My Silence" which is on it's way and will most likely go on their shows in Rijeka and Zagreb next month while they are on tour..
and you, for the beginning, can now sit comfortably, have some beer, turn up your speakers and enjoy this masterpiece, and then maybe you join me on the gigs.. if you're not fun of such noise you might need to listen this couple of times before realising what I wan't to say and of all the greatness of this, but eventually you will.. at least that was the case with me.. cheers!..

P.S. - video doesn't have "embed" option so you can't watch it here, but below is the link which I found on this channel..

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