Thursday 6 April 2017

benefit gig for 11th BASK 04.03.2017., Stara škola, Novi Marof

this is Marof not L.A. and this is just quick review on this event which was held few weeks ago and not another usual gig report.. plus some rants about that some special bond between me and N. Marof..
why's that?.. well there's several reasons, like all the bands playing that night are young, I wasn't seen them live before and didn't listen to their records (except Left to Starve) so I wasn't pretty sure which band were on the stage in certain moment, actually don't know if all the bands even played, then I was really drunk after a long time and one with another, I don't consider myself enough competent to write something more about this gig and the bands themselves.. but as I promise to some friends that I will write few words about it on the blog, here it is.. and to be completely honest with you, when it's about the gigs in Marof it was never about the bands but it's about the people, atmosphere and that some strange feeling of mine every time I'm on some gig there.. I think, I'm running this blog almost 8 years (yeah, you read this right..) and didn't ever talk something special about Marof and that just isn't fair..
so let's go from the beginning, for everyone who don't know Novi Marof is small city situated in north-west of Croatia with population somewhere about 2000, but even that small it always had and maybe still has significant place on domestic hc punk scene.. and if nothing else there is a rich history of the gigs held in that town, for example I remember the 1st gig I attended in Marof was somewhere in 2000/2001 on that years edition of Rock in Marof (last year was 20th anniversary of 1st edition of this gig) in old ex-cinema in the center of the town when there were some bad metal bands playing mostly covers but I had a great time and the love between me and this town was born.. few years after that some change of generations happened there as it seems to me, some younger people appears and starts doing gigs in this same old cinema.. they were usually gathered around youth association Alternativa.. even I'm not fan of  some official organizations, associations, etc. I must admit that that they accomplished great things for local scene and not only local but also a lot wider.. also some individuals appeared from time to time like my friend L who started a diy iniciative Crni Flomaster so in last 10-15 years there were really a bunch of great gigs from for example Tarapana fest which lasted 2 or 3 days, to smaller events like Diy Manifesto and numerous "ordinary" gigs.. on those gigs in old cinema there were always a lot of people, a hundreds of them from all areas of Croatia and even from abroad, also every active and at least a little significant band from that time played there.. when city authorities decide to demolish the old cinema and build a new fancy cultural center I was afraid that everything will die, but the crew from Alternativa after some period of inactivity moved in other space, an old school just few meters away from the cinema and started to organize events there.. okay, even if very big part of that whole spirit and feeling died with old cinema to me there is plenty of it left still 'till today.. I bet most of you have some place where you feel special whenever you go there on gigs, well for me this is Marof..
that's why I was happy when I 1st time heard about this gig few months ago.. finally all my obligations, work, etc came together and I was free this weekend.. unlike some better past times when on gigs in Marof traveled whole crews of at least 10 people from our place this time just me and Š go there.. at first I was sure I will drive, but Š didn't want to go if I wouldn't drink so we persuaded his wife to drive us there.. we arrived pretty late about 22 and I'm not sure if anyone played before but after few minutes Path of Cestoda climbs up on stage, this "climb up" you can take figuratively because this time bands were playing in front of the big stage, on the floor.. they are young emotional hc/neo crust band from Karlovac and they sounded to me more like they are on some rehearsal than playing gig.. even the vocalist said they do not rehearse to often.. and yes then I saw that L was not only organizer but also sound editor and the sound was pretty good during all night, somehow raw and dirty, maybe just a little too low vocals..
after them the band I was really looking forward to see U.B.T. from Zagreb/Čakovec.. well , they were great with short set but were looking, acting and performing like a real punk band should - drunk, dirty and loud.. okay I'm not subjective here 'cause musically this band was the only one close to some my music taste and I know some members but they did their show pretty good and it was really fun to watch them.. they even played song A.B.C. which ironically speaks about "theory anarchists" and their bookfairs, and this was benefit gig for one, well...hell...
after them it was time for another one band from Karlovac - Stained Hand.. 'till then they were definitely the most practiced band of the evening.. at first two or so songs I thought they will be very interesting, especially because of great female vocal, but with time they become boring to me, sorry but this kind of modern hc just isn't for me.. but they sure are good band..
here some bad beers started to work and the rest of the night is blurry to me and from the rest of the bands I remember only the part of Left to Starve gig.. if I remember well they played pretty long set and also become a little boring at the end, no offense, it's just about my fcked up music taste.. even if they are on the paper crust/grind band actually they are some strange mixture of grind and sludge or I don't know what, anyhow not really for my, lately very sensitive, ears, hehe..
at the end it was a good gig, solid fun, a lot of familiar faces which I didn't see for a long time (too long..), get 3 new 'zines and covers for The Truth 7'', and of course gig was for a good purpose..
later I found out from L that after all travel costs to bands were covered a very solid amount of money left for BASK and that is great, even I didn't expect that but this bloody Marof surprised me once again..
just a remainder BASK will be held from 7th to 9th April in Zagreb so if you'll have chance go there and support the whole thing..


axegrinder said...

fino napisano, rispekt, to je to, pank, bez lizanja dupeta. došo, vidio, naloko se, zvučalo je tak i tak, i ajd bok. to baja.
ja da pišem raporte iz pž bilab 2 stanja : bendovi su rokali dole - mi smo pjevali za šankom, ili dok je sve počelo ja sam ležao u krevetu dok je s ploče dero voivod. ahaha.

..crucified freedom.. said...

hvala.. samo iskreno i bez posebnih kompliciranja.. vodim se tim da i ja najviše volim pročitati takav raport, a ne onaj di opisuje bend u detalje (i to obično loše) ko da piše recenziju izdanja ili one skroz suhoparne svirali su tim i tim redom, i još doda popis pjesama, hehe..

inače pošto sad ne pišem ništ za neki fanzin neki plan je, il bolje reči želja, nikad ni nije bilo nekih ozbiljnih planova za sve ovo, da bude više takvih stvari tu, a ne samo te neke najave i sl.. mada mi u zadnjih mjesec, dva već sto put došlo da sve odj.... i prestanem sa blogom jer baš i ne vidim više neki smisao, al onda opet...