Saturday 28 February 2015


I remember, two and a half years, or something like that, ago when I for the first time met this interesting and hell of a fun couple which stands behind this 'zine during our trip to Italy on Distorted Bologna fest, and already there they were mentioning something about working on their own 'zine, doing interviews with some interesting bands, etc and now two years later finally I have opportunity to read their zine, that's nice.. this is already 2nd number, still didn't read 1st one but I'll do my best and try to snatch up of one copy in near future..
so, it's one more 'zine from last year's "boom" on domestic zine scene, another one on English but mostly orientated on 80's hc punk scene.. it's done in something clearer cut & paste style, front and back page are made of something heavier paper and the whole thing reminds a lot on that old 80's/early 90's style..
on all together 52 pages it brings one column about referendum that took place here in Croatia questioning some gay rights and the rest is musically part: interviews with Appendix, The Bristles, Hellbastard, Mauser (this one is funny drunk/high done in live), Giuseppe Carabino and Solunski Front, then some old photos of bands and author's thoughts about "the most important punk/hardcore releases from Zagreb from 1980-1991"..
interviews are okay but one thing strikes in the eye and that is when they usually get the shortest answer from the bands than question itself is and that pisses me off, and yes I know the feeling, sometimes you even catch yourself thinking to publish such interviews or not..
if you're into 80's hc punk you'll be most certian like it.. also very good thing if you want to know/learn something about hc/punk scene from that period, especially in ex-yu area which I consider quite interesting..
I'm not sure, dont really remember how much I payed for it but I think it was 10kn, but to be sure you can contact one of the authors through their facebook page or on this e-mail:



Anonymous said...

sviđa mi se prvi broj..
ideja je odlična.
pozdrav Kabi i Ani..

Anonymous said...

kul fanzin, al nabijem na kurac bendove koji tak odgovaraju ko apendix i takvi, pogotovo kad autor postavi duga i detaljna pitanja.
Mauser intervju zakon :))