Tuesday 14 October 2014

new release on Mentalna Smrt fanzine & izdavaštvo: DISHOPE - Peace Is More Than The Lack Of War (tape)

yes, we do have a brand new release coming out from our little diy factory.. Dishope are d-beat raw punk band from Germany, but while listen to them you'll be sure they are somewhere from Japan.. classic for the genre lyrics and furious d-beat heavily influenced with Disclose and the like, which don't slow down for not even a second.. this time tape looks something different, it means the cover is printed from both sides with lyrics on it, it's all black and white/grey, tapes are also black with no print on them and they are in black boxes.. we go totally dark this time.. with tape goes free Dishope patch, as well..
the price is 3 euros/20 kn and it's available on e-mails:


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Anonymous said...

e daj samo dodaj da uz svaku kazetu ide besplatni prišivak...a naravno zaboravil sam ti ih dati dok si bil kod mene...