Wednesday, 2 July 2014


hell yeah, another brand new 'zine, printed only 2 weeks ago, done by my friend J who wasn't lazy since I was fighting my own inner demons, as he explained nice in introduction, and wasn't really into writing nor anything for our common 'zine Mentalna Smrt, so in meantime he decided to make his own 'zine and now it's done..
first of all it looks really great, front + back cover are from paper in color (yellow as you can see above), the whole 'zine is done in cut'n'paste (or cut'n'waste, as author say in one column, heheh) technique, enough of text, some pictures in background, few adds for other 'zines and distros - he really get some effort in it.. it's written on English, so finally there's another 'zine from Croatia which all of you international readers actually will be able to read.. it has 32 pages on A5 format and from content here are: interview with Derbe Lebowski, author's columns, two gig reports and fanzine reviews and that's it.. maybe it seems as lack of material but it's not, just proper little 'zine, more personal oriented then some previous projects from this author.. some themes about which he is writing in columns are about relationships, being straight edge, football/nationalism, popularity of vinyl records on hc punk scene, etc..
if you are interested in (and I know you are) price is 5 kn/1 euro and it's available at:


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