Monday, 14 January 2013

NO EXIT #4, #5 fanzine

4th number of this Greek 'zine published in October of 2011.. for me this is the best No Exit until now.. introductions are written like short columns by 3 authors, then you can read interviews with mighty Lebenden Toten (I really like this band very much, and now I see that they aren't only great band but also clever, creative, etc. boys and girl), Warning//Warning, Go Filth Go and with My Turn.. interviews are good and extensive with some interesting questions and finally with great bands.. beside this there are an article about riot grrrls movement and some record reviews.. all that on 40 pages with something cleaner design as it was usually in previous numbers.. I think that with this issue there was also international diy compilation but didn't sure about that.. all in all this is some really nice stuff, especially if you like above mentioned bands..

number 5 was published on May, 2012.. this time design is again chaotic cut'n'paste, just like it was in 1st 3 issues of this 'zine, text is written with typewriter (or it's just the computer fonts that looks like typewriter, I don't know..) which is cool 'cause it looks like some old 'zines and brings some of that old school spirit.. as far as a material this time you can read one column, tribute text to band Void, movie and record reviews and of course interviews (which are shorter and not so interesting as in previous number), with Amebix, Deathhammer, Stripmines, Pyroklast and D-Takt Rapunk records.. all material comes on 24 pages..
yes I like previous one more, but check for yourself.. and if you want to read more serious review than this my rants here check the Maximumrocknroll's "zine of the week" section HERE

for downloading both numbers, as same as previous ones visit No Exit blog or to order physical copy write at: also new number #6 is in preparation or it's already out, not quite sure..

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