Wednesday, 18 July 2012

just few words about...

...about the requests of bands for putting their stuff here:
1st of all thanks to all great (and some not so great ;)) bands which were/will send links to their releases and apologies for such a long delaying around posting your stuff but I didn't have time and will for anything lately.. soon you'll be able to read some reviews of your releases, that's the promise..
2nd ..crucified freedom.. isn't supposed to be another one music blog with only mp3s without any information about the band and release, so if you want your stuff posted here give me some hints about you and your work.. also I can't promise that everything you send will be posted here, it says clearly in the blog title "crust anarcho punk web zine" so stick to that, at least if you don't want to hear some really bad things about your band, hehe.. sorry about that, but hey, this is my blog and I don't want to post here shits I don't like.. and yes, if you are in some "indie", post metal, modern hc, blah, blah band don't even bother to send me your stuff 'cause I'm not interested in..

...about some activities that had occupied my mind and pretty much all of my free time last few months:
we finally released 2nd number of Mentalna Smrt zine and we spread it around good.. I'm sorry 'cause really don't have money at the moment to send it to everyone I want and to all I promised, sorry guys, but don't worry, I didn't forgot on you and you will get your copy as soon as possible.. with this issue we gave great tape which consist live recordings by 4 bands from Požega, Croatia and which was released in only 66 pieces , as now is "out of print" you can expect mp3 rip with scanned cover and everything other here on blog, soon..
also, lately I'm involved in Crni Flomaster iniciative.. as we speak about that, besides few vegan lunches, workshops, etc. we organized like some mini fest called d.i.y Manifesto.. there were vegan foods, discussions with guests from anarchist library "Što Čitaš" from Zagreb and of course the gig part at the evening with great bands.. the whole event was accepted well and people were satisfied, pointing out that they felt like on some gig in 90's..

...about asking me to set up a gig for you:
to everyone that are looking for a gig in Zagreb, only thing how can i help you is to give you some contacts with crew from Zagreb 'cause I don't live there.. the only place where I can set up a show for you is small town Novi Marof but it is a very small city and there probably won't be many people as in Zagreb, so we can pay you some small traveling costs, cook something for you and maybe give you some place to sleep (but that isn't guaranteed).. yes, and the best days to play here will be on the weekends 'cause I really don't know if there will be many people if  gig would be in the middle of the week..

...about everything a little:
gig season is now over here so everyone are going on coast area on their vacations and numerous festivals begins (some of them are already over, actually).. on most of these I won't be able to go, actualy on any of these 'cause I'm in some rough period of my life.. I'd quit my job and it's hard to find new job now, 'cause of all this economic crises and all shits.. I think that situation here is even worse than in Greece but anybody don't doing anything about that..
but that all will maybe positive affect on this blog 'cause I have more time and can be back on posting here regularly (even if I often don't have any will or patience for anything, but we will see, time will tell...)
for the end feel free to leave comments and get in contact and thanks to everyone who already did that..
okay enough blurghhhing, stay well and see you around!..

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