Sunday 12 June 2011

INFOSHOP ISKRA, Zadar, Croatia

"Infoshop Iskra is an initiative for a library of anarchist and anti-authoritarian literature, as well as a meeting place for various discussions, screenings and workshops. We currently reside in the local book club called "Knjigozemska" which is located on the address R.K Jeretova 5 in Zadar, Croatia. This initiative is also an attempt of archiving books, pamphlets and zines which deal with anarchism, antifascism, feminism, LGBT, queer and various other subjects dedicated to radical social change.

We exist as an informally organized affinity group which nurtures anti-authoritarian principles against all forms of social hierarchy. If you are interested in joining us, talking to us, or helping us create more activities, you can visit us Tuesday afternoons (and at 9 PM there are movie screenings!).. The book club "Knjigozemska" at the moment does not have steady working hours, but if you are passing by and find the door opened, you are always welcome to come in!"

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