Friday 1 October 2010


here is english version of this great fanzine, coming from Brno, Czech Republic, published one year after the original Czech version, precisely somewhere at the beginning of 2010..
zine is dedicated to east euro diy hc/punk scene so all interviews, bands, reviews, scene and gig reports are from this (forgotten) part of the world..
on 68 pages you can find great and extensive report from 1st Balkanika Core festival (this one brings some nice memories to me) when there were bands like Agathocles, Visions of War, E.N.T., Wolfbrigade, Mob-47, etc, then scene reports from Latvia and Ukraine, article about Czech punk history, bunch of reviews and interviews with Sanych from Death in Industry zine, Human Error, Critica Radicala and Grazhdanskaya Oborona..
everything is very interesting to read, I like author's way of expression and writing.. here is just a little part of intruduction in report from balkanika core festival: "A herd of weird looking and even weirder behaving people sits round the table in a dark corner of on Prague's Žižkov district bar and chat about a piece of paper that came to their filthy hands from some far away southern countries. The table is bending  under the weight of beer, powerful words are being said and are coming together in even more powerful sentences and decisions. A crusade to transalpine regions has been made a deal..."
I'm sure you won't regret it if you read this zine.. to me this is definitely the best zine I have read lately!..
yes and that's not all.. zine goes along with CD compilation with bands mentioned in zine.. so try to get a copy of it or download PDF, play the compilation and enjoy in reading of this great piece!..
I found those download links at Drunk Nach Osten zine my space page, and zine contact is at


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this! The cd link doesn't work though.

..crucified freedom.. said...

yes, unfortunately CD link is dead, and there is no new one..:(