Saturday 25 September 2010

NO EXIT #3 fanzine

"scull crushing d-beat holocaust zine"
this 3th number of No Exit zine was out in February 2010, but now when it is out of print (there were 50 copies made) here we have download link for its PDF version..
this time on 44 pages you can read few columns, Food Not Bombs report from Russia, scene reports from Ottawa and Belarus (which I consider very interesting because of political situation there), some record reviews and inevitable interviews, this time with Livstid, Protestant, DSB, Hellstorm and Perdition..
about it's look, classic crust d-beat, black and white cut'n'paste style.. you already know what you can expect here..
it's nice to see that paper zines still lives and that they are published, more or less, regularly.. 4th number is in preparation and it will be out soon..

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Bak said...

Hey! Thanx a lot for letting me know about the review :)