Wednesday 2 June 2010

PUNK//PING/PONK #4 fanzine

this 'zine is hailing from Selangor, Malaysia.. one of the rare on English from southeast Asia that I 've opportunity to found..
it's published in 2009.. good old diy cut'n'paste style here on 44 black/white pages.. this is pdf version of it, but it was printed/photocopied in 200 piaces..
in it you can read interviews with Extinction of Mankind, Hellbastard, Wardogs, Diskontroll and Sacrilege, some kind of questionnaire on the theme about audio cassetes (if they are forgotten or not), and some reviews..
editor of this 'zine is also active in bands Apparatus and Atomicdeath and with the diy label Disarmament so check those out, too..
the download link I've found at Koleksi Zine Punk Rock blog and 'zine contact is at:

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