Thursday, August 17, 2017

awesome package from Sumoggu records..

earlier today mailman cheered me up with this awesome package from Sumoggu Records which I ordered few days ago.. some older things which are on my wishlist for ages + one of the best new records out there, mighty Vastation/Mutabo - split..
I'm feeling like it's my birthday right now..

just a few quick words about records - Life Possession/Gomora - split and Anaeroba - Over the Walls and Borders come on beautiful splatter vinyls, Gelo/Baka Yaro - split and Vastation side of split with Mutabo has some really awesome artworks, also there is big Mutabo poster included which for sure goes on my wall, just when I made some diy frame for it and Man in Shackless/Last Security split 7" comes in one of the nicest cover/wrapping that I ever saw, interesting thing if you consider that this split is released back in 1998..
and Mutabo from the vinyl - hey what a masterpiece.. few weeks ago when I mentioned this split in one of the previous posts I wrote that there is something in their music that reminds me of Mad Max atmosphere, well on the end of their thanx list there is stated: "Peace, Love, Anarchy ...and Mad Max" - hehe, I fckn knew it!!..

btw, check Sumoggu records (sumoggu[at], he have really a bunch of vinyls for fair prices and you can expect an easy deal and fast response from him..

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

upcoming gig in Rijeka, Croatia

when?................19.08.2017., Saturday
where?...............Podrum, Rijeka
who?..................ELECTROZOMBIES death doom crust, Chile
                          SO BEAST experimental post punk, Italy
entrance?............25 kn

Sunday, August 13, 2017

VEHEMENCE euro tour September 2017 (need help!)

10. EISENBERG @ Confirmed
11. WROCLAW / DRESDEN need help
12. KRAKOW confirmed
14. GRODNO confirmed
15. MINSK confirmed
16. VILNIUS @ XI20
20.  ROSTOCK @ the rostocker wagenplatz to be confirmed
21. HAMBURG @ Gängeviertel 
22. OLDENBURG @ kill the plastic smile festival

upcoming gig in Čakovec, Croatia

when?...........16.08.2017., Wednesday
where? Prostor, Čakovec
who?.............PATH OF CESTODA dark hc screamo, Ka
                      MIDNIGHT CLIMAX hc punk, Zg
                      U.B.T. raw hc punk, Zg
                      STAINED HAND powerviolence, Ka
entrance?.......15 kn

SEVERED HEAD OF STATE in Kraljevo (Serbia) 2003 gig report by Vojkan

 there is an interesting gig report written on Diy Conspiracy webzine about Severed Head of State gig when they were playing in Kraljevo back then in 2003.. nice reflection of how things on diy hc punk scene worked back then in small, with war stricken country..
go read it HERE..

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

upcoming gig in Varaždin, Croatia

                                              when?............05.08.2017., Saturday
                                              where?...........Ulica Krste Hegedušića 60, Varaždin
                                              who?.............U.B.T. raw hc punk, Zg
                                                                   ZVGATOR metal, Čk
                                                                   BKD oi punk, Vž
                                                                   CROWD CONTROL thrash metal, Vž

Friday, July 28, 2017

upcoming gig in Zadar, Croatia

                                                    when?................01.08.2017., Tuesday
                                                   where?...............AKC Nigdjezemska, Zadar
                                                   who?..................ILL WIND punk'n'roll, Zg
                                                                              LEFT TO STARVE sludge hc, Ka
                                                                              DROTPAD punk, Zg
                                                                              LE ISOLE DI ANARCHIA , Zd
                                                                              SO BEAST experimental post punk, Bo

Thursday, July 27, 2017

blast from the past... Undone

few months ago I made post about Outré, emotional hc band which I listened back then as a kid and the other day I again accidentally find some live footage of one other similar band - Undone and I remembered that I was spinning them on the tape countless and countless of times..
only then I realized that I was having a real emotional hardcore phase and I was listening a few such bands so I will make one or two more posts in this "blast from the past" scheme when it's about emo hc/screamo bands that I listened.. and who knows,maybe I'll do it also with some other genres, could be interesting 'cause I'm known as a nostalgic bastard..

first touch, and actually the only one 'till some more recent time when I got internet, with Undone was when I get mix tape from one "mail buddy" back then with few really interesting stuff (see the picture) and among others there were Undone and I remember that they impressed me the most.. probably because the rest of the bands I already knew or because they sounded a way different then other on this tape.. it was actually first emo hardcore band that I ever heard.. I said emo hardcore and not screamo on purpose because this was exactly what such music was called then (to be completely honest they called themselves hardcore punk, but if you wanna describe someone how they sound you would use term emo hc).. there still wasn't those black haired pop emo kids and bands which comes on everyone minds when they hear word "emo" (who knows, maybe that's the reason why later those bands are labeled as screamo, or that comes from American bands like Orchid and the likes, I don't know..)..
even, it's obviously, I'm not some expert for this genre, I know, in that time there were many similar bands, like Ivich, Jasemine and Anomie for example (yes, I did my homework, hehe), and of course Undone together with them makes interesting new noise and for sure were one of the founders of genre which is today known as "french screamo", the term with which even some bands that aren't from France nor have anything with this country gets described by..

but let's go back to Undone.. they were, as you probably realised by now, band from France (Mantes, to be more precise) playing some seriously good hc punk in which they perfectly combined fast and slow parts.. it means slow was usually intros in the songs or some down tempo interludes while most of the songs ends up in fast and intense hardcore, all that nicely completed with great vocal full of emotions and despair, sometimes more like spoken but most of the time screamed from deepest parts of lungs.. oh, how many times I jumped and screamed all over my room listening to them, especially on song Witness (because of it's heaviness) and Ashamed (because it was the fastest one) which were my favourite..
when it's about the lyrics, they are on English and are pretty good, mostly in depressing tone but very socially and politically engaged.. also covers of their releases often contains some texts, opinions about music, politics and such things written by the band members, so obviously they were a band with much to say.. one of those who provide the same attention to their music and lyrics and consider both of them equally important..
Dark Future was their LP released in 1995 and I get it recorded on above mentioned tape.. even later I get some more stuff from them this one remains somehow the best and the dearest release by them to me.. from the rest of their releases I remember that from some distos here in Croatia was available their split tape with Pau Etere which was benefit for ALF and for other I found out in times when I got internet access..
even they were short lived band they had decent discography which looks something like this:
Demo tape - 1993 (self released)
Undone 7" - 1994 (Stonehenge Records, Kleines Mädchen)
Undone / Shatter the Myth Split 7" - 1994 (Stonehenge Records, Kleines Mädchen, Autosatisfaction)
Dark Future LP - 1995 (Stonehenge Records, Kleines Mädchen)
Undone / Peu Être split tape (Opale, Le Brun Le Roux Corporation)
The Other Side 7" - 1996 (Stonehenge Records)

yesterday when I was investigating a little on the net about them, with the intention to make this post more interesting, I couldn't find much except almost the whole Dark Future on youtube but then I remembered of a great blog which I follow for already long time LA MORT D'UN(E) MODERNISTE and as I knew which kind of stuff are posted there think to myself, if I can find something about them I will find it there and of course I was right.. this guy made series of posts about french emotional hardcore punk and among others he have complete discography of Undone for download with covers, booklets and all the other interesting stuff included.. awesome.. so if you still didn't hear this great band and you are at least little bit into emotional hardcore (don't know why but even if you aren't into such kind of noise I'm sure you'll like it..) go and check it.. to me they are very interesting band and anytime I'm in the mood I'm coming back to them gladly even if today I listen something different music.. but how the old Croatian saying says - "that's all punk" and that is the most important..

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

PURA VIDA fest 26.-27.07.2017., Mochvara, Zagreb

today and tomorrow in club Mochvara in Zagreb.. entry is 30 kn for each day.. more info here..

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

NOISE & RESISTANCE festival 2017. - video


video is from go there and check some cool photos from festival..

Monday, July 24, 2017

some great fresh releases..

there was a ton of good releases this year definitely worth to empty your wallets, some older bands hit us with new recordings a bunch of new one which also deserve full attention, it's actually impossible to catch it up with all or at least with most of them.. but here are some that stuck into my eyes or ears, however you want, in last couple of months.. so let's go..

KONTATTO - Fino Alla Fine (LP)
few months after we were able to hear new single from Italian d-beat punk monsters Kontatto, in March this year they released full album which is available from Agipunk records on vinyl or on band's bandcamp in digital form..
it's their 3rd full length album and even if I like more the 1st two, this one continues the story just well and for sure is one of the best and to me personally one of the favorite releases this year..
there are even 1000 pieces of LP pressed and also there was limited edition of 100 copies (don't know if still available) on red/black splatter vinyl..

favorite tracks: Fino Alla Fine and Picci

okay this one is here in first row because of Mutabo, which slowly but for sure becoming one of my favorites when it's about some dark crusty stuff.. for Portland's Vastation I must admit didn't ever hear before but I made a quick check at the bandcamp and they are also pretty good band playing some kind of slightly death metal influenced brutal crust punk.. they even cover Nausea's Godless..
but let's go back to Mutabo, really extraordinary material by them 5 songs recorded in January this year and published on bandcamp under the name Omnia Mutantur.. there is something mystically, magically, mad max atmospheric and wild in their music, I can't describe it but check it for yourself, you won't regret it.. there are definitely visibly some influences of members ex bands such as Dažd, Nakot and Atomski Rat which was all great bands but this sound like you took all the best from mentioned ones and created this perfect form of dark and raw anarcho crust punk..
LP is released and available by Neanderthal Stench in Europe and Nero One records in the States..

favorite tracks: Levijatan and Belladonna

just after finishing their recent euro tour new album of this great d-beat crust maniacs from Sweden is released as a result of collaboration of even 10 worldwide distros: Romantic Disasters, Not Enough records, Breeding for Extinction, Mundo en Kaos records, Profane Existance, Phobia records, Distro-y records for LP, then Distro Rakkos and Mundo en Kaos for CD and Bullwhip records and Doombringer records for tape.. for now only LP is out and the cassettes and CDs are still in the pressing..
all together 11 new songs in already recognizable style by them, d-beat crust hardcore with anarcho colored lyrics, mostly songs are under 2 minutes and don't slow even a little so you maybe can get some picture about what is here about.. maybe just a little bit softer and less chaotic than on previous releases, but still they are one of my favorites of current active bands when it is about such kind of noise..
666 pieces of LP is released, 333 are on splatter vinyl, available from above mentioned records and distros or for more info visit Crutches blogspot..

favorite tracks: Burning Bridges and Guerra Social

okay, there is no need for my bragging about this one, 'cause you all know both bands and it's hard to say something new what still hasn't be said.. VOW side is recorded during 2016 in Sweden when they was having tour there and can be heard at bandcamp here: and the Hellkrusher's side is recorded back then in 2012 and contains 2 still unpublished 'till now (I think) songs by them.. I didn't still heard their side, but will hopefully pick this little gem somewhere in closer future..
7" is released by Power it Up records and can be ordered on their site.. and you can read cool review of this release on Good Guys Go Grind blog..

favorite track by VOW: Mindslaughter

LEBENDEN TOTEN - Mind Parasites (LP)
Portland's Lebenden Toten give us headache and are playing with our nerves already some 15-16 years and through all this year they are the most interesting noise punk band to me few years back there wasn't any fresh releases by them and this year they hit us with 3, this one and also with "Static" released by Iron Lung records which is actually single 7" and with self released flexi 7" named "At The Window".. there are some changes in sound, they even added synth in some songs but it's still good old noise punk with echoed vocals, distorted guitar shredding enormous doze of noise, furious and loud bass (thing that I like the most on this release), actually everything we are already used to hear from them.. LP is self released by the band and I don't have idea where you can buy it here in Europe, I know that there were few copies on Insane Society distro but it's already sold out.. maybe the good solution is to buy the tape released by Voice from Inside Tapes which includes songs from all 3 releases (Static 7", Mind Parasites LP and At The Window flexi 7").. or if nothing else, you can hear it at youtube..

favorite tracks: Inferno and Mind Parasites

HIBERNATION - In the Years of Desolation
and for the end one upcoming release for which I am really looking forward to be released is from the mighty and legendary Greek metal crust punk band Hibernation or Χειμερία Νάρκη on Greek.. album is ready and will be published till the end of 2017, it means 14 years after releasing of their last album.. also they are currently active back again with live shows and are preparing mini euro tour which will be held in next couple of days..
don't know any more details about the record, its format, etc..., and for now there is only one song available on the net (last song of the album) called Chase of the Dream and you can listen it on the youtube..

Sunday, July 23, 2017

MONTEPARADISO festival 03.-05.08.2017., Pula (Croatia)

THURSDAY, 03.08.2017.

Stalag 13 (USA)
Know (USA)
The Mild (IT)
Sick Crap (HR)
3deutige Aussage (A)
Pestarzt (SRB)
Antidotum (PL)

FRIDAY, 04.08.2017.

Vasko Atanasoski (MK)
Aimless Arrow (HR)
Absorber (AT)
Vitamin X (NL)
Open Wounds (NL)
Breakout (FR)
Obscene Revenge (IT)

SATURDAY, 05.08.2017. 

Herida Profunda (PL/UK)
Fonija (MK)
Beton (SK)
A New Scar (IT)
Choix (RUS)
Doom (UK)
Oi Polloi (UK)

The 25th Monteparadiso Hardcore Punk Festival
03rd, 04th and 05th of August 2017
Social Center Rojc 
Pula, Croatia
Tickets: All three days 200kn, one day 100kn

Saturday, July 22, 2017

NO SANCTUARY festival 27.-29.07.2017., Rijeka (Croatia)

16:00 Doors open
23:00 HYENA
02:00 WILT

18:00 Doors open
04:00 MESSA

18:00 Doors open
04:00 OKUS

Presale is closed some days ago, but there is NO LIMIT at the doors. Everyone still can catch their tickets at the doors.

Weekend Ticket (3 days) // 30 Euro
2 Day Ticket // 25 Euro
1 Day Ticket // 20 Euro

Thursday, July 13, 2017

upcoming gigs in Ljubljana, Slovenia

while other punks are on summer breaks R.A.F.A.L. crew don't show any intentions to stop doing great gigs during this month.. that's definitely positive, because it's great when you are able to go on "ordinary" gig during this summer madness when everyone are on some festivals or somewhere on the coast.. here are 3 gigs really worthy to visit Ljubljana in next few weeks if you can..

Thursday, July 6, 2017

HIBERNATION mini tour July 2017

26.07. - Karditsa, Greece

27.07. - Sofia, Bulgaria

28.07. - Rijeka, Croatia

30.07. - Vergina, Greece

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

LEBENDEN TOTEN live @ Gromka, Ljubljana 26.06.2017. - video

aaarghh!!.. 35 min of pure noise punk destruction.. prepare your ears, brain and nerves and play it fckn loud!.. masive thanx goes again to rafal crew which are recording all their gigs lately and give to all of us who wasn't there an opportunity to see and feel at least little bit of atmosphere.. there's also video of Đornata who were playing that night as local support and were awesome as well so check it out..

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

upcoming gig in Novi Marof, Croatia

when?..........17.07.2017., Monday
where?.........Stara škola, N. Marof
who?............EAGLEHASLANDED screamo emo violence, Ser
                    MALIŠA BAHAT screamo hc, Cro
                    RADOST-STRADANJE hc punk, Ser
entrance?.....20 kn

"Na ovaj vrući ljetni ponedjeljak, u sklopu svoje europske turneje, u goste nam dolaze prijatelji iz Srbije, direktno iz Županje sa SAWA festa, u pohodu na zapadnu Europu i Fluff Fest, uz podršku lokalnih screamo snaga:

EAGLEHASLANDED (St. Petersburg / Beograd)

Dobro nam poznati street screamo trojac na još jednoj u nizu europskih turneja. Karakterizira ih unikatan intenzivan emoviolence zvuk s neocrust elementima, genijalno sročenim riffovima i ludim 8-bit introima. Ninja kornjače, ukleta predgrađa, pizza i video game soundtrackovi.


Novi bend s članovima Eaglehaslanded i Wrong Way Kids ekipe na svojoj prvoj europskoj turneji. Mračni, brzi i nadrkani hardcore punk s vrištećim vokalom punim gnjeva i depresije, a ne srame se ni screamo utjecaja i blastbeatova.

MALIŠA BAHAT (Koprivnica / Varaždin)

Zna se da Eaglehaslanded gig u Hrvatskoj ne prolazi bez nas... Sanjin, Žmer, Crni i Geč. Melankolično-agresivni screamo, balans patnje i mržnje.

Upad: minimalna donacija 20 kuna
Vrata: 20:00
Početak: 20:30

*** S obzirom da je radni dan, koncert počinje na vrijeme jer moramo biti gotovi do 23:00, pa budite točni. ***


Monday, June 26, 2017

D-SAGAWA live @ Gross Outlet, Alston, Massachusetts 11.03.2016 - video

I like when in the sea of similar and sometimes boring d-beat bands I found such gem as this one is.. D-Sagawa are d-beat crust band from Boston, Massachusetts, don't know much about them except they have great demo "I Want to Die Suffering" released in 2016, also on their bandcamp you can listen a new single from upcoming release which also sound great..
even on demo they sound something darker, maybe I'm insane but I swear I hear some black metal influences there, but on few live videos that I found on youtube they deliver pure d-beat, straight into your face and heavy as hell.. just when I thought that perfect d-beat band doesn't exist I found this, well maybe...
also found one nice review and could't agree more with it hehe, go read it here:

Monday, June 19, 2017

BUKA I OTPOR festival 6. - 8. July 2017, Zagreb

Petak/Friday 7.7.
20.00 – 20.30 Gemišt
20.45. – 21.30 Vohees
21.45 – 22.30 Negative slug
22.30 – 23.15 Bednja
23.30 – 0.15 Pakt
0.30 – 1.00 Left to starve
1.15 – 1.45 Human host body

Subota/Saturday 8.7.
20.00 – 20.30 Vepar
21.00 – 21.30 Aligrindtor
21.45 – 22.15 Proslov
22.30 – 23.15 Mutabo
23.30 – 0.15 Đornata
0.30 – 1.15 Bezdan
1.30 – 02.00 Ekebuba

*we are open from thursday, but bands will play on friday/saturday
** possible changes will maybe occour as well

Monday, June 12, 2017

NUCLEAR ALTAR - Mankind in Decline (tape) [2017]

just few weeks after publishing Nuclear Altar's second demo online on bandcamp I got it by the post mail in its officially release form as a tape.. even though I listened this monster countless times before I got the tape, now the whole feeling is somehow better and complete..
demo was recorded in April this year and the best thing about it is the way it was recorded, apparently on just one microphone and at once and the whole material sounds in that good old primitive and raw way which is the thing that I miss the most on current recordings of nowadays hc punk and crust bands.. and when you see cover which is made in cut and paste style the whole thing just radiates real diy spirit..
there are all together 14 tracks (including some already heard on 1st demo and Dislike, Hellkrusher and U.B.R. covers) in something different sound as it was on "Blessed Ruins".. well I could easily write a book about bands from Požega changing their sound and members so that's the case here as well.. some time after releasing the 1st demo Neno left the band so Gera (previously on bass) take the drums and Nani (ex Fight Back, Hellback...) joined the band as a new vocalist, and Kktz this time sticks to guitar most of the time, doing just some back vocals in few tracks.. of course all that affected on a new sound, as well in speed (new drummer) and in something different guitar sound and riffs similar as in guitarist's other crust/black metal project Gutterskull and of course a new vocals which are now female.. but despite all that they managed to keep this darkness and filth which this band was recognizable for before and to deliver us some serious doze of great raw hardcore punk, still in d-beat style maybe with some more metal/doom influences, all played in old school way without any unnecessary complications.. so few songs are something slower as usual like Infernal Disappearance, Mankind in Decline, Slavonian Funeral, but there are also some real d-beat attacks which are my favorites like Constant Distruction, Legacies of Death, End of Illusion and Ghostblood Rituals.. from other I would like to point out the Dislike cover Victims of Progress which is great and was one of my favorites songs of Dislike.. all lyrics are on English written by Kktz in already familiar minimalistic but strong and powerful style and dark and full of despair tone, and are spited out through angry Nani's vocals..
in short, if you want to know how the apocalypse would sound from it's crushing and devastating beginning to slow and agonized end and death of mankind and nature - listen to this..
beside really nice artwork, xerox cover consists of band pictures and lyrics, all songs are recorded on both side of the tape, also you get sticker with it and the whole thing is released in only 80 pieces so hurry up if you wanna get yourself a copy.. it's available from Olden Sonorities distro for 20 kn / 3 euros..

just a quick review on CRUTCHES / DISBAJA gig @ AKC Attack, Medika(Zagreb)

yesterday I witnessed a gig of one of the best crust bands that ever had visited Zagreb.. by this "the best" I think by everything, by their attitude, performance, behaviour and of course musicaly .. such a complete band!.. I'm talking about Crutches, d-beat raw punk monsters from Sweden which finally decided to visit this part of eu-rope, as they said, hehe.. too bad one drunk fool ruined the gig and make them play, I think a waaay shorter as they wanted to and for what they were in the mood.. I don't know anymore, probably this is all punk, but this time it pisses me off.. anyhow, I'm glad I saw this amazing band.. just too bad people here don't realize what kind of band played here yesterday, I mean when Disbaja played there were more people inside the space and we can see them like every month.. I don't like give such comparisons etc. but Crutches are really in the top top of world's crust, they are level of bands such as for example Visions of War, D-Clone, Doom and the likes, I'am not kidding. okay just feel the urge to mention this here, some proper review of this event will follow when I get a computer because it's bloody hard for me to type and make posts with mobile phone.. cheers!..

Friday, June 9, 2017

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?........26.06.2017., Monday
where?.......Gromka, Ljubljana
who?..........LEBENDEN TOTEN d-beat noise, USA
                  ĐORNATA crust, Slo

Thursday, June 8, 2017

LEBENDEN TOTEN euro tour 2017

aaaa, Lebenden Toten, another one awesome band for which I thought I was never able too see live.. now when they will be playing in Europe they of course bypass Croatia (I don't have luck), in Ljubljana I can't go because of work so who will come with me in Vienna?..

Friday, May 12, 2017


well, it's official - my laptop is dead.. also summer is here, just around the corner and one with another it looks like it's time for a new break here.. just in time I was getting some inspiration and will to make some more interesting posts here and try to bring this blog on some higher level, at least when it is about "quality" of stuff published here and make new posts more freqwent.. well, I guess I don't have luck with technology..
anyhow, see you next Tuesday 16.05. in zagreb at Disbaja / Crutches gig, actually if there will be gig, because Medika is facing an eviction these days, and the deadline for moving out is just on Tuesday.. and here we will see/read us 2 or 3 months from now or yet when I save up some money to buy new laptop or pc..
until then stay well, have some cold beers and enjoy!..

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Izgubljeni Potencijali - Odjeci iz prošlosti fanzinske kulture - video

iako je od ove izložbe prošlo sad već skoro dvije godine, tek neki dan sam naišao na ovaj video intervju sa autorima nekadašnjih fanzina Warhead, Tko Je Tvoj Neprijatelj? i nešto recentnijeg Pajser Šmajsera i čini mi se skroz zanimljiv pa ga evo i ovdje..

Friday, April 28, 2017

upcoming gig in Zagreb, Croatia


                                   when?................................29.04.2017., Saturday
                                   where?...............................Klaonica squat, Zagreb
                                   who?.................................LUST FOR DEATH stench crust, Fra
                                                                           REGRESSION OF STYLE melodic death metal, Cro
                                   entrance?...........................20 kn

Thursday, April 27, 2017

MUTABO / CONCRETE WORMS euro tour May 2017

          01.05. Idrija 

          02.05. Leipzig 

          03.05. Berlin 

          04.05. Brno 

          05.05. Bratislava 

          06.05. Ljubljana 

upcoming gig in Ljubljana, Slovenia

when?............28.04.2017., Friday
where?...........Gromka, Ljubljana
who?..............LUST FOR DEATH stench crust, Fra
                     HUMAN HOST BODY metal crust, Slo

Monday, April 24, 2017

CRUTCHES euro tour May 2017

10 MAY - GER Berlin, KomaF
11 MAY - CZE Prague, Azyl Pivni Bar
12 MAY - SVK Bratislava, Garaze pod pristavnym mostom
13 MAY - HUN Szombathely, Végállomás Klub
14 MAY - SER Novi Sad, Suburbia 021
15 MAY - CRO Zupanja
16 MAY - CRO Zagreb, AKC Attack
17 MAY - SLO Ljubljana, AKC Metelkova mesto
18 MAY - AUS Wien, Venster 99
19 MAY - CZE Prague, Modrá Vopice
20 MAY - GER Leipzig, Chemnitz
21 MAY - SWE Malmö, Plan B

Saturday, April 22, 2017

NUCLEAR ALTAR - Mankind in Decline demo 2017 free download

so the whole demo is online on Nuclear Altar bandcamp and there is also free download link on mediafire..
demo sounds great if you ask me, not any fancy production this time, recorded with just one mic and at once, without any philosophy and complications.. there are few brand new songs, some are already heard on "Blessed Ruins" and 3 covers by U.B.R., Hellkrusher and Dislike..
tape will also be out soon.. that's all for now, some proper review will probably follow when I get the tape.. until then enjoy debris and filth..

Friday, April 21, 2017

AntiFA fest 21st and 22nd April 2017, AKC Metelkova Mesto, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

"Under pretense of austerity measures and desire to limit the number of migrants in the country, politics of current Slovenian government are bringing separation and hate into society. Barbed-wire fence on the southern border, introduction of quotas for migrants, new laws about migration and pushing migrants out of the country altogether created an atmosphere, in which increasing number of actions by Neo-Nazi sympathizers are merely the street face of such politics.

Last year alone, Neo-Nazis carried out three bigger assaults on autonomous spaces (on Sokolski dom in Novo mesto for collecting food and clothes for migrants, on Rog Factory in Ljubljana, while it was defended from eviction, and on Autonomous cultural zone Metelkova mesto). Similar attacks happened in the past as well. Autonomous and other open spaces represent the symbol of free creativity, fighting for radical equality and stand against all forms of oppression.

The question all of us should therefore ask ourselves is: are we going to tolerate bigotry in graffitis and stickers? Will we tolerate verbal and even physical assaults? By attending our antifascist festival and our work on and around it, we want to show that different worlds and different politics with the messages of anti-fascism, freedom, solidarity and openness are possible. If you want to say a clear NO Neo-fascism, nationalism, racism and hatred, join us on 21. and 22. of April 2017 in Metelkova, Ljubljana and be a part of our ANTIFA FEST!"


WEDNESDAY - 19.4.2017

- 20:30 Exhibition - History of AntiFa fest (Jalla jalla)

FRIDAY - 21.4.2017

- 15:00 Food not Bombs (in front of Jalla Jalla)

- 15:00 Alternative fair: distributions // crafts-produce // graffiti workshops // dress-making workshops //screen printing // board games (Metelkova courtyard)
If you want to sign-up for the distro table, write to

- 15:30 Workshop for kids - Skupinski premik, naredimo mozaik! (Galerija Alkaraz)

- 18:00 Info-kafana: Presentation of antifascist struggles in Greece and discussion (A-Infoshop)

- 19:30 Zborke: Feminist choir

- 20:00 CONCERT – RAP NIGHT! (In front of Jalla Jalla; in case of rain in Gromka)

Naji: Iman Shahryari found himself in Ljubljana after annoying politicians in his native Iran with critical songs and was forced to run away.
Parvaz -
Shakhsiat -

Sajkoslav - Abstract, marijuana rap with bass, dub and hiphop background.
Trilr Sajfr -
Kilometrpapu 3 -

N'toko: Miha Blažič aka N'toko, raper from Slovenia, blogger and columnist
Zig zig -
Dvojna morala -

- 22:00 DJ SAJKOSLAV - underground hiphop (Jalla Jalla)

SATURDAY - 22.4.2017

- 12:00 Basket tournament – Throw fascism in the bin (Courtyard behind Celica Hostel)
No applications, just come and bring the equipment. We will welcome if you find a crew of three people ahead of the event.

- 15:00 Food not Bombs (In front of Jalla Jalla)

- 15:00 - Alternative fair: distributions // crafts-produce // graffiti workshops // dress-making workshops //screen printing // board games (Metelkova courtyard)

- 15:30 Workshop for kids - Skupinski premik, naredimo mozaik! (Galerija Alkaraz)

- 18:00 Infokafana: Discussion - Fight against building the hydroelectric power plant on river Mura (A-Infoshop)

- 20:00 CONCERT - PUNK NIGHT!: (In front of Jalla Jalla; in case of rain in Gromka)

Ämbonker (D): Anarcho punk from München

Vivere merda (I): HC/Anarcho punk from Udine

- 22:00 DJ Rudar (Vox populi) - antifa punk

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

NUCLEAR ALTAR - Mankind in Decline - new demo out soon!

here is promo video for upcoming Nuclear Altar demo with new song called Ghostblood Rituals which will soon be available as a free download and as a tape.. more info will follow here or at the following links:
- Nuclear Altar blog
- Olden Sonorities

Monday, April 17, 2017

HOMOMILITIA live in Byotom, Poland 22.12.1991. - video

one of my favorite eastern european bands.. bad sound and video quality, but hey it was 91 and it's hardcore punk.. where were you in 91?..

Monday, April 10, 2017

upcoming gigs in Zagreb, Croatia

                                            when?.........................13.04.2017., Wednesday
                                            where?........................AKC Attack, Zagreb
                                            who?...........................MALIŠA BAHAT screamo hc, Vž/Kc
                                                                               NAILED IN hc punk, Zg
                                                                               WILD FORMS hc punk, Zg
                                            entrance?....................30 kn

                                              when?...........................16.04.2017., Sunday
                                              where?..........................AKC Attack, Zagreb
                                              who?.............................PMS 84 punk, USA
                                                                                   RIXE oi punk, Fra
                                                                                   EKE BUBA garage punk, Cro
                                                                                   U.B.T. hc punk, Cro
                                            entrance?.......................35 kn

                                          when?.............................19.04.2017., Wednesday
                                          where?............................AKC Attack, Zagreb
                                          who?...............................THE ARSON PROJECT grindcore, Swe 
                                                                                 FRADAG DEN 13:e hc punk crust, Swe
                                                                                 NAMET crust metal, Cro

Thursday, April 6, 2017

benefit gig for 11th BASK 04.03.2017., Stara škola, Novi Marof

this is Marof not L.A. and this is just quick review on this event which was held few weeks ago and not another usual gig report.. plus some rants about that some special bond between me and N. Marof..
why's that?.. well there's several reasons, like all the bands playing that night are young, I wasn't seen them live before and didn't listen to their records (except Left to Starve) so I wasn't pretty sure which band were on the stage in certain moment, actually don't know if all the bands even played, then I was really drunk after a long time and one with another, I don't consider myself enough competent to write something more about this gig and the bands themselves.. but as I promise to some friends that I will write few words about it on the blog, here it is.. and to be completely honest with you, when it's about the gigs in Marof it was never about the bands but it's about the people, atmosphere and that some strange feeling of mine every time I'm on some gig there.. I think, I'm running this blog almost 8 years (yeah, you read this right..) and didn't ever talk something special about Marof and that just isn't fair..
so let's go from the beginning, for everyone who don't know Novi Marof is small city situated in north-west of Croatia with population somewhere about 2000, but even that small it always had and maybe still has significant place on domestic hc punk scene.. and if nothing else there is a rich history of the gigs held in that town, for example I remember the 1st gig I attended in Marof was somewhere in 2000/2001 on that years edition of Rock in Marof (last year was 20th anniversary of 1st edition of this gig) in old ex-cinema in the center of the town when there were some bad metal bands playing mostly covers but I had a great time and the love between me and this town was born.. few years after that some change of generations happened there as it seems to me, some younger people appears and starts doing gigs in this same old cinema.. they were usually gathered around youth association Alternativa.. even I'm not fan of  some official organizations, associations, etc. I must admit that that they accomplished great things for local scene and not only local but also a lot wider.. also some individuals appeared from time to time like my friend L who started a diy iniciative Crni Flomaster so in last 10-15 years there were really a bunch of great gigs from for example Tarapana fest which lasted 2 or 3 days, to smaller events like Diy Manifesto and numerous "ordinary" gigs.. on those gigs in old cinema there were always a lot of people, a hundreds of them from all areas of Croatia and even from abroad, also every active and at least a little significant band from that time played there.. when city authorities decide to demolish the old cinema and build a new fancy cultural center I was afraid that everything will die, but the crew from Alternativa after some period of inactivity moved in other space, an old school just few meters away from the cinema and started to organize events there.. okay, even if very big part of that whole spirit and feeling died with old cinema to me there is plenty of it left still 'till today.. I bet most of you have some place where you feel special whenever you go there on gigs, well for me this is Marof..
that's why I was happy when I 1st time heard about this gig few months ago.. finally all my obligations, work, etc came together and I was free this weekend.. unlike some better past times when on gigs in Marof traveled whole crews of at least 10 people from our place this time just me and Š go there.. at first I was sure I will drive, but Š didn't want to go if I wouldn't drink so we persuaded his wife to drive us there.. we arrived pretty late about 22 and I'm not sure if anyone played before but after few minutes Path of Cestoda climbs up on stage, this "climb up" you can take figuratively because this time bands were playing in front of the big stage, on the floor.. they are young emotional hc/neo crust band from Karlovac and they sounded to me more like they are on some rehearsal than playing gig.. even the vocalist said they do not rehearse to often.. and yes then I saw that L was not only organizer but also sound editor and the sound was pretty good during all night, somehow raw and dirty, maybe just a little too low vocals..
after them the band I was really looking forward to see U.B.T. from Zagreb/Čakovec.. well , they were great with short set but were looking, acting and performing like a real punk band should - drunk, dirty and loud.. okay I'm nut subjective here 'cause musically this band was the only one close to some my music taste and I know some members but they did their show pretty good and it was really fun to watch them.. they even played song A.B.C. which ironically speaks about "theory anarchists" and their bookfairs, and this was benefit gig for one, well...hell...
after them it was time for another one band from Karlovac - Stained Hand.. 'till then they were definitely the most practiced band of the evening.. at first two or so songs I thought they will be very interesting, especially because of great female vocal, but with time they become boring to me, sorry but this kind of modern hc just isn't for me.. but they sure are good band..
here some bad beers started to work and the rest of the night is blurry to me and from the rest of the bands I remember only the part of Left to Starve gig.. if I remember well they played pretty long set and also become a little boring at the end, no offense, it's just about my fcked up music taste.. even if they are on the paper crust/grind band actually they are some strange mixture of grind and sludge or I don't know what, anyhow not really for my, lately very sensitive, ears, hehe..
at the end it was a good gig, solid fun, a lot of familiar faces which I didn't see for a long time (too long..), get 3 new 'zines and covers for The Truth 7'', and of course gig was for a good purpose..
later I found out from L that after all travel costs to bands were covered a very solid amount of money left for BASK and that is great, even I didn't expect that but this bloody Marof surprised me once again..
just a remainder BASK will be held from 7th to 9th April in Zagreb so if you'll have chance go there and support the whole thing..

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

NO SANCTUARY festival 2017

hell yeah, fckn HIBERNATION!.. and Visions of War and Loš Primjer!.. can you beat that?!.. no you can't..